The New Eezy S Twist+2

360° Rotatable Seat

The agile Eezy S Twist+2 makes life easier for parents and more comfortable for their children. With one hand the seat unit and integrated legrest can be rotated 360°—from parent-facing to forward-facing and back again.

360° Parent & Front Facing

With one hand the seat unit can be quickly and simply rotated 360° along with the integrated legrest, giving your child the choice of parent-facing or forward-facing position.

Ergonomic Lie-Flat Position

One hand is all you need to recline the backrest into an ergonomic lie-flat position, leaving your other hand free to hold your baby close.

Compact One-Hand Fold

With one hand the Eezy S Twist+2 can be easily folded into a selfstanding package, for convenient stowing and storage.

Travel System

One frame, four travel options. In addition to the standard stroller seat the Eezy S Twist +2 frame is compatible with our award-winning infant car seat, the Cot S and the Cocoon S.

NEW Eezy S Twist+2

360° Rotatable Seat


Length 805 mm, Width 450 mm, Height 1050 mm


From birth up to 22 kg (approx. 4 years)

NEW Eezy S Twist+2 Beach Blue NEW Eezy S Twist+2 Ocean Blue NEW Eezy S Twist+2 Nature Green NEW Eezy S Twist+2 Lava Grey NEW Eezy S Twist+2 Hibiscus Red NEW Eezy S Twist+2 Moon Black NEW Eezy S Twist+2 Moon Black NEW Eezy S Twist+2 Lava Grey


What is unique about the Eezy S Twist+2? / Why should I choose the Eezy S Twist+2?

The Eezy S Twist+2 buggy has a unique rotatable seat unit which can be simply and quickly twisted around with one hand, offering the choice of a parent-facing or front-facing stroller set-up.

What is the benefit of the twist function?

The twist function allows the buggy seat unit to be quickly and easily rotated a full 360°, so your child can sit in either a parent or front-facing position. This allows young babies to be placed in the sheltered parent-facing position so they can feel safe and protected in sight of their mother or father. As the baby grows and becomes more curious, the seat can be easily placed in a frontfacing position so they can see more of the world around them.

Which CYBEX car seats can I attach to the Eezy S Twist+2 buggy?

You can attach any CYBEX or gb infant car seat to the Eezy S Twist+2. Simply remove the seat unit and attach the car seat to the frame using adapters, which are available on our online shop or at retailers.

I would like to order the Eezy S Twist+2. What will I receive with the delivery?

With each delivery you will receive a buggy including wheels, a bumper bar, an XXL sun canopy, and a shopping basket.

Can I carry my newborn baby in the Eezy S Twist+2 buggy?

Yes, the seat can be reclined to a fully flat position which allows newborn babies to lie down comfortably. The adjustable legrest also helps your baby to lie flat.

Where can I get spare parts for my buggy?

Spare parts are available from selected retailers. To find a store near you, simply go to the store locator on our website:

Where can I buy CYBEX strollers and buggies?

CYBEX strollers and buggies are available on our online store:
To find a store near you, simply go to the store locator on our website:

Which age group is the Eezy S Twist+2 buggy for?

The Eezy S Twist+2 can be used from birth up until the child is 4 years old.

Until what age can my child sit in the parent-facing and the front-facing seat positions?

A child can sit in the parent-facing position until he or she has reached 15 kg in weight. When the buggy seat is set in a front-facing position, it can safely carry a child up to 22 kg in weight.

Is there a seat liner for this buggy?

Our Summer Seat Liner is sweat-absorbing and will keep your child cool on warm days. It can be easily installed in all CYBEX strollers and buggies.

Which accessories can I use with the Eezy S Twist+2 buggy?

The following accessories can be used with the Eezy S Twist+2: Car Seat Adapters, Cot S Adapters, 2-in-1 Cup Holder, Gold Footmuff, Parasol, Rain Cover, Snack Tray, Snøgga Compact Footmuff, Summer Seat Liner, Travel Bag.
All of these accessories are available at retailers, or on our online store: https://shop.cybex-online.

Can I take the Eezy S Twist+2 on an airplane?

The Eezy S Twist+2 is the ideal travel companion. It fits in the overhead compartments of most airplanes used by airlines for regular flights. On planes with very small overhead compartments, it’s easy to take the seat unit off the frame with one click. Therefore you can give the frame to the airplane crew for storage in the hold, and you can take the seat unit with you in the cabin to protect it from dirt and damage.

What improvements are included in the latest version of the Eezy S Twist+2?

The latest version of the Eezy S Twist+2 features a new range of colorways, helping you find the perfect look for your stroller. Check out the product page on our website for further details.