Solution M-Fix SL

Информация о продукте

  • Длина:

    370 мм


    540 мм


    615 мм

  • Масса:

    5.86 кг

  • Уход:

    Тканевые покрытия стираются при температуре 30°

  • То, что вы получите:

    Car Seat

  • Разработан и спроектирован в Германии

    Разработан и спроектирован в Германии

  • UN R44/04


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Совместимость автомобилей

Подходит ли автокресло для моего автомобиля?

Before buying the child seat, always check whether it can be properly installed in your vehicle. We recommend a test installation at a qualified retailer.

The recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer regarding the installation of child seats must be followed.


The child seat can be used with folded ISOFIX-Connect locking arms on all vehicle seats with three-point automatic belt.


A use of the child seat using ISOFIX-Connect locking arms and three-point automatic belt is not fully possible in all vehicles. Please check the compatibility of your vehicle.

If your vehicle is not displayed, please contact our customer service team

1. Выбрать производителя автомобиля

2. Select model and year

If you have any further questions, please contact us

Спросите у нас


Можно ли продолжать использование автокресла, побывавшего в аварии?

Во время аварии пластиковые части детского автокресла могут получить повреждения, невидимые для глаз, но чрезвычайно опасные. Поэтому CYBEX всегда настоятельно рекомендует заменять автокресло, если оно участвовало в любом типе ДТП.

Наше автокресло сломалось, как можно его отремонтировать?

Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с продавцом, у которого было куплено автокресло. Вам все починят в кратчайшие сроки.

What does L.S.P. system stand for?

The abbreviation L.S.P. stands for Linear.Side-Impact.Protection. The L.S.P. system is responsible for the shoulder and head protectors systematically absorbing the forces of a side impact in a linear chain reaction. The kinetic body energy triggered in an accident is absorbed and the head and upper body moved in a safe position. Especially the sensitive head and shoulder area is protectively locked inside the safety zone of the seat. The L.S.P. System Plus features additional side protectors.

Где я могу приобрести запасные части для своего автокресла?

Запасные части доступны во всех специализированных магазинах, где продается продукция CYBEX. По этой ссылке Вы сможете найти ближайший к Вам магазин:

Which is the normal position for the reclining headrest?

The patented reclining headrest, a passive safety feature of the CYBEX Group 1/2/3 car seats and the Group 2/3 seats for older children, is one of the central CYBEX safety technologies. In its reclined position it prevents the head from falling forward when the child is asleep keeping head and upper body within the safety zone during the ride. Adjusting the headrest to the front position when the child is awake it keeps the head in an upright position.

Do child seats equipped with a backrest perform better than booster seats?

The main problem with booster seats is the missing side protection. A child seat with a backrest has side protectors that prevent the child from hitting the window in the case of a side impact collision. Additionally, the routing of the seat belt can not be adjusted to the height of the child causing possible health hazards. Therefore, compared to seats with a backrest, booster seats do pose a higher risk of injury.

Can I use the child seat on rearward facing car seats like those found in vans or minibuses?

You can use this child seat on rearward facing car seats as long as the vehicle seat has a homologation for use by adults and a 3 point belt. The headrest of the vehicle seat should not be removed when the child seat is mounted.

Can I use the child seat on lateral facing car seats?

It is not permissible to use the child seat on lateral facing car seats.

Is it ok to install the seat on the passenger seat?

CYBEX Group 2/3 seats can be used in all seats of the car with a three-point emergency locking retractor belt. However, we recommend generally using the seat in the back of the car. Statistically, the front seat poses a higher risk of injury for your child. In exceptions, however, the seat can be used in the passenger seat as well. Please note the following: If the car has an airbag, put the seat as far back as possible. However, you should pay attention that the upper part of the seat belt stays behind the running of the belt.

What can I do if my child´s head drops forward while sleeping in spite of the reclining headrest?

If the child safety seat is attached to the car seat in too upright a position, causing your child to be seated vertically, some children´s heads may fall to the side in their sleep. Should this occur, the seat should be pulled forward slightly. If your seat is designed with the ISOFIX Connect System, simply release the connectors by one or, at most, two settings. It is also possible to use a children´s neck cushion, which stops the child from slumping while asleep. This prevents the child´s head from leaving the protection zone.

When I fasten my child´s safety belt, the belt no longer automatically retracts. What can I do?

The wide range of vehicle seats means that, in some cases, the safety belt may not run smoothly to the child safety seat. If this is the case, first check whether the height of the safety belt can be adjusted in the car. If possible, adjust the height of the belt so that it runs straight and smoothly through the child safety seat´s belt positioner. Alternatively, the problem may be alleviated if the vehicle seat can be adjusted horizontally, vertically and/or at an angle.

Is it normal that the seat’s backrest is not completely locked and has a bit of room to wiggle when the seat is not installed in the car?

The reclining backrest is part of the CYBEX safety concept. Thanks to the automatic adjustment mechanism, it adapts perfectly to any car seat. In the worst-case scenario, the backrest moves slightly forward with your child, and is thereby able to ‘catch’ the body at an earlier stage. The seat and backrest are connected to each other, but are not rigid and don’t lock into place.

Can I use this seat on a flight?

No, this seat is not approved for use on an airplane.

Can child seats equipped with ISOFIX Connect System also be used in cars that do not have the connectors?

CYBEX car seats that are designed with the ISOFIX Connect System can also be used in cars that are not equipped with ISOFIX. Simply rotate the ISOFIX connectors 180° and then push the connectors in, as far as possible, into the booster seat.

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