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Removable seat insert

One of the biggest challenges for safety engineers is the best possible transportation of premature babies and very small newborns, whose neck muscles and reflexes are not yet well enough developed. Unfortunately, this can lead to the baby's head tipping forward while it sleeps, which can lead to serious breathing problems. Along with German doctors and midwives, and taking into account the findings of many tests, a function was developed that enables a near flat lying angle between head, neck and chest. The risk of suffocation is thereby significantly reduced. This is achieved through a removable seat insert, which also offers more space and comfort for bigger children once removed.

Spalvos ir medžiagos

Pratęsiant CYBEX madingų spalvų tradiciją, PLATINUM autokėdutės gaminamos su puikiu spalvos sprektrų ir iš dviejų tipų audinių. Comfort modifikacija: švelni ir jauki Platinum autokėdučių komforto versija gaminama derinant 10 spalvų.

Plus versija: Plus versija charakteringa savo išskirtinumu, nesidėvinčiais audiniais su džinso audimo efektu. Šios autokėdutės yra 7 skirtingų spalvų.