The All-Season Footmuff




From birth up to approx. 24 months

SNØGGA MINI 2 Sky Blue SNØGGA MINI 2 Hibiscus Red SNØGGA MINI 2 Nature Green SNØGGA MINI 2 Powder Pink SNØGGA MINI 2 Seashell Beige SNØGGA MINI 2 Beach Blue SNØGGA MINI 2 Ocean Blue SNØGGA MINI 2 Lava Grey SNØGGA MINI 2 Moon Black


It’s the footmuff for every season. The Snøgga family of compact footmuffs give you peace of mind that your child is comfortable and having fun whenever you step out into the big wide world. The perfect fit no matter what stroller or infant car seat they’re going into, the Snøgga 2 and Snøgga Mini 2 feature bold colors to match every season and recycled materials so you can be sure you’re making a sustainable choice. From frosty winter days to cool summer evenings – and for those blustery spring or fall days when the temperature changes by the minute – the Snøgga excels at keeping your child cozy, comfortable and dreamily snug. So you can stay out and stay flexible, no matter what the weather brings your way.

Recycled 3M Thinsulate™ Filling

Ultra-compact and Lightweight