Pallas S-Fix - Lisätietoa



    430 mm


    500 mm


    685 mm

  • Paino:

    10 kg

  • Hoito:

    Päällinen konepestävä 30° C

  • Tulos:

    Turvaistuin sisältää etutyynyn, istuimen korokelevyn ja ISOFIX -ohjaimet

  • Suunniteltu ja muotoiltu Saksassa

    Suunniteltu ja muotoiltu Saksassa

  • UN R44/04


Tuotekuvat ja tämän verkkosivuston mitat ovat vain ohjeellisia. Tuotteet voivat vaihdella ja pidätämme oikeuden tuotteiden muutoksiin.

Auton yhteensopivuus

Is this the right seat for my car?

Before buying the child car seat, always check whether it can be properly installed in your vehicle. We recommend a test installation at a qualified retailer. Always follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer regarding the installation of child car seats.

Asennus auton turvavyöllä

Lasten turvaistuin voidaan asentaa mihin tahansa ajoneuvon istuimeen ISOFIX Connect -lukitusvarret taitettuna sisään käyttämällä 3-pisteistä automaattista hihnaa.

Asennus ISOFIX-CONNECT avulla

ISOFIX Connect -lukitusvarrilla ja 3-pisteisellä automaattisella turvavyöllä varustettua lastenistuinta ei ole mahdollista asentaa kaikkiin ajoneuvoihin. Tarkista luettelosta, onko autosi yhteensopiva.
Jos ajoneuvoasi ei ole luettelossa, ota yhteyttä asiakaspalvelutiimiimme.

1. Valitse autonvalmistaja

2. Valitse malli ja vuosimalli

Jos sinulla on kysyttävää, ole yhteydessä meihin

Kysy meiltä


Onko oikein jatkaa turvaistuimen käyttöä kolarin jälkeen?

CYBEX neuvoo vakavasti uusimaan turvaistuimen aina pienenkin onnettomuuden jälkeen. Turvalaitteissa saattaa olla hiushalkeamia, joita ei voi nähdä paljaalla silmällä. Ne ilmenevät muoviosissa kolarin jälkeen. Nämä halkeamat saattavat olla vakava vaara seuraavassa kolarissa.

Turvaistuimeni on viallinen. Miten saan sen korjattua?

Ota yhteyttä tuotteen myyneeseen jälleenmyyjään. He selvittävät korjausmahdollisuuden.

Does the child have to be additionally secured with a harness system when using a CYBEX Gr. 1/2/3 car seat as a Group 1 child seat?

No, the child is optimally secured with the adjustable impact shield. The patented impact shield allows for a perfect adjustment to accommodate the child. In contrast to conventional harness systems the impact shield system offers the child additional comfort and more freedom of movement.

Mistä saan varaosia tuotteeseeni?

Voit tilata määrättyjä varaosia tuotteen myyneeltä jälleenmyyjältäsi. Katso osoite kotisivuiltamme:

Is it ok to install a Group 1/2/3 car seat on the passenger seat?

The CYBEX Pallas series may be used on all vehicle seats with a three point emergency locking retractor belt. However, we generally recommend using the seat in the back of the car. Statistically, the front seat poses a higher risk of injury for your child. In exceptions, however, the seat may be used in the passenger seat as well. Please note the following: If the car is equipped with an airbag, put the seat as far back as possible. However, you should make sure that the upper part of the seat belt always stays behind the belt routing.

May I use the impact shield after having switched to group 2/3?

No, the impact shield is only suitable for the use as a group I child seat (9-18 kg). When the child´s weight exceeds 18 kg it may solely be secured with the vehicle´s 3-point belt system which also provides optimum protection.

Does the child feel constrained because of the impact shield?

The impact shield of the Pallas series is gradually adjustable and may be individually set to accommodate the growing child and/or its changing wardrobe giving the child optimum freedom of movement and greatest comfort at all times.

Is material fatigue an issue because of the long period the seat can be used for?

The Group 1/2/3 seat can be used for an astounding 11 years. In a move to prevent wear and tear right from the outset, CYBEX only uses thermoplastic polymers which, for example, are widely used for car bumpers. Even after many years of use, their properties remain unchanged, ensuring that they still perform equally as well in the event of a collision. This means that the CYBEX seat can safely be used for considerably longer than the maximum cited period of eleven years. Moreover, in Group II/III in particular, the strong forces occurring during a collision are initially absorbed by the car seat belt.

How can I stop my child from releasing him/herself from the impact shield?

Our impact shield is designed with five settings to enable you to adjust it optimally to your child´s size. It is important to fix the cushion in such a way that it rests on your child´s body without causing discomfort. When fastening the seat belt, please ensure that the pelvic restraint is inserted into the seat belt positioner both tautly and smoothly and that the diagonal belt is pulled tight so that it is fixed securely in the impact shield´s seat belt positioner. Experience has shown that some young children dislike the shoulder harness system and the impact shield. This causes them to release themselves from the seat. Parents need to exercise patience while the child gets used to the new situation and the safety seat.

The safety belt of my vehicle is too short when used in conjunction with the impact shield. What can I do?

As far as the safety belt length is concerned, all CYBEX seats with impact shields comply with the specifications of the homologation. In these rare instances when the belt length of your vehicle is not sufficient, some car manufacturers offer approved belt extensions for some of their models which are safe to use. We cannot, however, recommend belt extensions from third-party suppliers that have not been approved by the car manufacturer. Please check the following points to ensure the safety belt of your car has been fully extended:

1. Is it possible to use the safety seat on the front passenger seat? The front passenger seat often has a longer safety belt.

2. Is the waist belt taut? When fastening the seat belt it is always important to ensure that only the waist belt is inserted into the impact shield first. Then the shoulder section of the belt should be pulled tight to ensure that the waist belt is taut and the shield is in place, thus getting rid of any slack and using as much of the belt as possible. Only then should the shoulder section of the belt be inserted into the impact shield and secured with the red clamp.

3. Do not wear thick clothing: It is better to dress your child in a thick sweater than a bulky padded anorak. As with adults, the belt should rest as close to the child’s body as possible. This not only improves safety but also increases belt length

Can I use a Group 1 child safety seat (9kg -18kg) that is supplied with an impact shield without using the cushion?

No, the seat is only approved for use with the impact shield and your child´s protection can only be guaranteed in conjunction with it. Failure to use the impact shield in Group 1 constitutes gross negligence and exposes the child to unnecessary risks. In the event of a collision, an investigation would automatically be conducted into the driver´s conduct.

If the car rolls over, will my child be catapulted out of the child safety seat that is fitted with an impact shield?

No, all child safety seats approved in compliance with ECE R44/04 in Groups 0 and 1 are subjected to tests, in which the car is rolled in four different directions. This ensures that the child cannot be catapulted out of the seat.

Is it normal that the seat’s backrest is not completely locked and has a bit of room to wiggle when the seat is not installed in the car?

The reclining backrest is part of the CYBEX safety concept. Thanks to the automatic adjustment mechanism, it adapts perfectly to any car seat. In the worst-case scenario, the backrest moves slightly forward with your child, and is thereby able to ‘catch’ the body at an earlier stage. The seat and backrest are connected to each other, but are not rigid and don’t lock into place.

My child tries to wriggle out of the impact shield car seat, even when it is properly secured. What can I do about this?

If your child is properly secured, the only way to encourage them to sit still is to remind them, patiently and persistently, to remain seated. If your child tries to wriggle out of the safety cushion while you are driving, we advise you to stop the vehicle at the first possible opportunity. Explain to your child that children MUST be secured until the end of the journey, just as adults do, and that they should not leave the seat under any circumstances.

How do I position the impact shield so that my child is secured properly?

As a general rule, you can secure your child in the safest possible way if you follow these instructions: The impact shield should be positioned so it fits snug against the body without causing discomfort. If you are using one of our group 1 car seats, the impact shield can also be lowered or raised accordingly. For the seat to offer optimum protection, the waist belt should be tightly fastened. You can tell that the impact shield is in the correct position if you are able to slide your hand between your child and the shield. It is important to make allowances for clothing. For example, if the child is wearing a thick winter jacket, make sure it doesn’t bunch up but instead is flat so the impact shield and belt can fit against the body.

Can I use this seat on a flight?

No, this seat is not approved for use on an airplane.

Can I fit the ISOFIX Connect System onto a car seat which doesn't have the ISOFIX connectors?

Car seat models without ISOFIX (ISOFIX Connect System) cannot be retrofitted into seats with ISOFIX. Please do not adapt or tamper with car seat models to make them fit, as the authorities do not allow any technical changes to them.

How do I change the Pallas series into a Group 2/3 seat?

Follow these steps in order to change the Pallas into a group II/III seat: 1. Remove the safety pillow. 2. Press the release buttons until you can feel some resistance and pull it away from the main frame until you feel a resistance. 3. Now pull the reclining handle situated centrally on the bottom of the booster and completely pull the booster off the frame. 4. For removal of the spacers it is recommended to bring the seat into reclining position. 5. Pull up the backrest cover to reveal the finger hole on the back side of the backrest. 6. Push the release button inside the finger hole and pull the spacers out of the backrest. 7. Repeat this procedure on the other side of the backrest.

How does the reclining position of the Pallas series work?

The Pallas series offers a reclining position that is easily adjustable with only one hand - it allows for a more comfortable sleeping position for the child. To bring the Pallas into a reclining position it is not necessary to open the car belt system or to take the child out of the seat. The lever is conveniently located on the front side of the seat. If the child falls asleep or is about to when already in the car seat, just pull the handle and the seat slides down automatically.