Eezy S+

From birth up to 17 kg (approx. 4 years)


Length / Width / Height: 805 x 450 x 1050 mm. Weight: 7.0 kg


From birth up to 17 kg

Eezy S+ Fancy Pink Eezy S+ Tropical Blue Eezy S+ Manhattan Grey Eezy S+ Denim Blue Eezy S+ Lavastone Black Eezy S+ Manhattan Grey Eezy S+ Denim Blue Eezy S+ Lavastone Black Eezy S+ Values for Life - Respect Eezy S+ Values for Life - Love Eezy S+ Values for Life - Trust Eezy S+ Values for Life - Strength

Eezy S+

The most reliable companion for your daily journeys: This lightweight city buggy offers a variety of smart features for parents who want to take care of their child instead of being occupied with handling the buggy. Thanks to the quick and easy one-hand folding mechanism, this smart and stylish city stroller folds into a compact, self-standing package – in a matter of seconds.

From birth up to 17 kg (approx. 4 years)

The Eezy S+ is a lightweight and versatile stroller that offers agile manoeuvring and easy, compact storage. The easy and quick one-hand folding mechanism turns this sleek stroller into a compact package of 59 x 45 x 31.5 cm within seconds while leaving your other hand free. In its compact, self-standing fold the lightweight Eezy S+ needs very little space to be stored – perfect for bringing it to restaurants, in a small car, or storing it at home without taking-up much space. Made for urban parents, the Eezy S+ is an agile city stroller that offers smooth rides on all terrain even on off-road paths in the country side thanks to 4-wheel suspension – your mobility and baby’s sleep are uninterrupted. As a 4-in-1 travel system, the Eezy S+ is compatible with the new S-Line designs, offering functional designs in one design language that takes you from the car to the streets in style.

One-hand folding mechanism

Extra Lightweight

4-in-1 travel system

Stepless reclining mechanism until full lie-flat position

Big wheels with smooth suspension

XXL Sun Canopy

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