Sirona S i-Size

Product Information

  • Length:

    700 mm


    430 mm


    635 mm

  • Weight:

    15 kg

  • Maintenance:

    Fabric covers machine washable at 30°

  • What you get:

    Car Seat incl. newborn inlay, ISOFIX Guides

  • Engineered and designed in Germany

    Engineered and designed in Germany

  • UN R129/02


The pictures of products and the measurements on this website are for indication purpose only. Products may vary and we reserve the right to make product changes.

Car compatibility


Before buying the child seat, always check whether it can be properly installed in your vehicle. We recommend a test installation at a qualified retailer.

The recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer regarding the installation of child seats must be followed.


Pay attention to the i-size logo.

If a vehicle seat is marked with this logo, it is suitable for use with all i-size child seats and will therefore not appear in our list of compatible vehicles.

If your vehicle does not have an i-size seat, please check the compatibility of your vehicle.

If your vehicle is not displayed, please contact our customer service team

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If you have any further questions, please contact us

Ask Us


Esta bien seguir usando una silla de seguridad después de un accidente?
CYBEX recomienda expresamente que la silla de seguridad sea reemplazada después de un accidente. La razón es que pueden aparecer pequeñas grietas en las partes plásticas, que posiblemente sean invisibles a simple vista. Estas grietas pueden suponer un riesgo en la seguridad.
Mi silla de seguridad esta defectuosa, como puede ser reparada?
Favor consulte al proveedor donde compró la silla de seguridad CYBEX. Ellos lo asesoraran.
Donde puedo encontrar repuestos para mis productos?
Puede pedir repuestos en el retailer mas cercano. Para encontrar una tienda cercana, simplemente ingrese al buscador de tiendas en nuestro sitio web:
Que tipo de ropa debe usar mi bebé cuando esta usando la silla de seguridad?
La ropa muy gruesa impide que el arnés quede firme en el cuerpo. Una incorrecta posición del arnés, puede resultar en que resbale del hombro. Por esta razón, el bebé debe usar su ropa de todos los días. Ropa gruesa como una parka para el invierno, debe ser evitada de ser posible. Una vez que el bebé este correctamente posicionado en la silla de seguridad, puede ser cubierto con una frazada para mantenerlo abrigado.
Can I use this seat on a flight?
No, this seat is not approved for use on an airplane.
Why only rearward-facing until 15 months and not for 4 years in total?
The head of a young child is large and heavy in proportion to the rest of their body and their neck is relatively weak. A rear-facing child restraint supports the head and neck and is thought, therefore, to reduce the risk of neck injury. Although this remains a topic for research, European regulators are satisfied that by 15 months, the neck has developed enough strength to withstand the forces in a typical crash. For this reason, 15 months was set as the minimum age for rear-facing. However, many R129 child restraints are approved for longer rear-facing use, for example, by children up to 105 cm (around 4 years).
Is my child allowed to rest his/her legs on the rebound bar?
Relatively tall infants may rest their legs on the rebound bar. Bending the legs at the knee does not affect safety in any way. As long as the child has sufficient legroom we recommend using the seat in a rear-facing position, which exposes the child to less force in the event of a collision.
Do both LSPs have to be extended for safety reasons?
To provide the best possible protection, the telescopic L.S.P. protector nearest the door should be extended as far as possible. It is designed with two settings. If in the longest setting, the L.S.P. touches the vehicle door, then the first setting must be used instead. When the seat is installed in the middle seat, the linear side-impact protection (L.S.P. System) should not be pulled out.
Can I use the seat and the base when the side airbag is activated?
Yes, side airbags may remain activated when using the baby seat.
From what age and size can the Sirona S i-Size be used?
The Sirona S i-Size can be used for newborns and children from 45cm up to a height of 105 cm (maximum body weight: 18 kg). This roughly corresponds to an age of four years.
What is the weight limit for using the Sirona S i-Size?
The Sirona S i-Size can be used for children up to a maximum body weight of 18 kg.
The Sirona S i-Size is approved in compliance with the i-Size standard (ECE R-129). What does this mean?
i-Size is a new European standard for car seats. It specifies, among others, that car seats have to be installed with ISOFIX, that infants must travel in a rearward facing position up to the age of 15 months and, for the first time, that side-impact protection is tested.
Will the Sirona S i-Size fit in my vehicle?
It is important to check whether the Sirona i-Size is compatible with your vehicle before you purchase it. This is because the Sirona S i-Size is solely an ISOFIX seat and can only be installed in i-Size certified vehicles or in vehicles with ISOFIX anchorage points. Before purchasing the seat, please refer to the compatibility list on the CYBEX website to see whether the Sirona S i-Size is compatible with your vehicle or not.
Can I also use the Sirona S i-Size in a car without i-Size certification?
The Sirona S i-Size can also be used in cars without i-Size certification. However, it is important to emphasize that the vehicle must be fitted with ISOFIX anchorage points. Before purchasing the seat, please refer to the compatibility list on the CYBEX website to see whether the Sirona S i-Size is compatible with your vehicle or not.
What aspects should I bear in mind when installing the Sirona S i-Size in my vehicle?
The Sirona S i-Size is installed using the vehicle’s ISOFIX anchorage points. The one-click installation with the ISOFIX system is a simple way to install the seat in both, forward and rear-facing position and enhances safety. The integrated support leg ensures additional stability and absorbs the forces in case of an impact. A green indicator confirms the correct installation.
Can I also use the Sirona S i-Size in a car without ISOFIX anchorage points?
The Sirona S i-Size is solely an ISOFIX seat and can only be installed in vehicles with ISOFIX anchorage points or in i-Size certified vehicles. Please refer to the compatibility list on the CYBEX website to see whether the Sirona S i-Size is compatible with your vehicle or not.
How can I switch the Sirona S i-Size into a forward-facing position?
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Sirona S i-Size should be used in a rear-facing position for as long as possible for maximum safety. However, the seat can optionally be switched to forward-facing. To do so, the seat can be rotated the forward-facing position once the child has reached a min. height of 76 cm and is 16 months old.
How do I secure my child in the seat properly?
In a Sirona S i-Size your child is secured with a five-point harness. The harness should be strapped tightly so that there is space for one hand between the harness and the body of the child. In a forward-facing position, this harness system is fitted with an Energy Reduction Technology, reducing the forces on the neck of a child during a front crash by approximately 20%, compared to other existing harness systems.

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