The New Libelle

Small Fold Genius

Whether it’s the destination vacation of a lifetime, or a family weekend getaway, the LIBELLE brings more ease and joy to traveling.

Ultra-Compact Fold

Folding and unfolding in seconds. Carry-on compliant, the Libelle even fits in overhead compartments for a smoother journey.


Only 13.7 lbs, the lightweight Libelle stroller is incredibly easy to pick up and carry.

Travel System

The compact stroller is compatible with our award-winning infant car seats, giving you extra flexibility for your journey.

NEW Libelle

Small Fold Genius


Length 28.7 in, Width 20.5 in, Height 40.9 in


From birth (with the use of an infant car seat, sold separately) to approx. 4 years (max. child weight 55 lbs.)

NEW Libelle Beach Blue NEW Libelle Moon Black NEW Libelle Ocean Blue NEW Libelle Hibiscus Red NEW Libelle Lava Grey NEW Libelle Nature Green


What is unique about the Libelle compact stroller? / Why should I choose the Libelle compact stroller?

The Libelle compact stroller can be folded in seconds into a compact package measuring only L 32 cm x W 20 cm x H 48 cm. This makes it our most compact stroller when folded. The compact folded size makes the Libelle ideal for travel, as it is hand luggage compliant in 99% of airlines. Each airline has their own rules regarding carry-on and check-in luggage, so please check with your airline before taking this stroller onboard a plane.

I would like to take the Libelle compact stroller onto a plane. Can I fly with the Libelle?

The Libelle is great for air travel, as it is ultra-compact and self-standing when folded. It measures L 28.7 in / W 20.5 in / H 40.9 in in its folded size. Please check with your airline beforehand if you would like to take this stroller onto a flight, as each airline has different carry-on and check-in luggage policies.

How much does the Libelle compact stroller weigh?

The Libelle weighs a lightweight 5.9 kg, making it easy to pick up, easy to carry and easy to lift into an overhead compartment on a plane or train.

How big is the Libelle when it is folded?

When it is folded into its most compact size, the Libelle measures: L 28.7 in / W 20.5 in / H 40.9 in.

Which age group is the Libelle compact stroller for?

A child can sit in the Libelle compact stroller from six months old up until they weigh 22 kg (approximately 4 years old). Alternatively an infant car seat can be attached to the Libelle frame, allowing you to carry children from birth.

Which CYBEX car seats can I attach to the Libelle compact stroller?

You can attach any CYBEX or gb infant car seat to the Libelle. Simply attach the car seat to the frame using adapters, which are available at retailers or on our online shop:

I would like to order the Libelle. What will I receive with the delivery?

With each delivery you will receive a stroller including wheels.

Is there a seat liner for this stroller?

Our Summer Seat Liner is sweat-absorbing and will keep your child cool on warm days. It can be easily installed in all CYBEX strollers.

Which accessories can I use with the Libelle compact stroller?

The following accessories can be used with the Libelle: Car Seat Adapter, Rain Cover, Bumper Bar, Travel Bag, Summer Seat Liner, Gold Footmuff, Snøgga Compact Footmuff. All of these accessories are available at retailers, or on our online store:

Where can I get spare parts for my Libelle compact stroller?

Spare parts are available from selected retailers. To find a store near you, simply go to the store locator on our website:

What improvements are included in the latest version of the Libelle?

In the latest version of the Libelle there is an improved wheel design. The stroller also comes in some stylish new colorways.

*Most of the world’s airlines accept the LIBELLE stroller from CYBEX as cabin luggage (folded dimensions 28.7 in / W 20.5 in / H 40.9 in). However, depending on the airline, cabin luggage standards can be different. We recommend checking with your airline of choice in advance of your trip, to make sure the LIBELLE is compliant with their respective cabin luggage allowance.