ZENO - More Info

Product Information

  • Length:

    1400 - 55" in


    27" in


    1040 - 49" in

    Folded length:

    39.2" in

    Folded width:

    22.8" in

    Folded height:

    13.8" in

  • Weight:

    27.6 lbs. lbs

  • Maintenance:

    Machine washable COLD, delicate cycle, mild detergent. Hang dry. For more information, see user manual.

  • Engineered and designed in Germany

    Engineered and designed in Germany

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Do I need any accessories when I want to use the ZENO for hands-free running?

If you want to experience the revolutionary freedom of hands-free running you can purchase the ZENO Hands-free Running Kit separately. It includes an adjustable waist belt comfortably fitting runners of a variety of sizes as well as a drawbar. The drawbar can be easily and quickly attached to the Multisport Adapter Point on the ZENO, allowing you to safely and smoothly pull your child behind you.

Do I need any tools to switch between the different sporting activities?

The Multisport Adapter Point allows for a speedy and secure transition between the different sporting modes — getting you out on the road quickly and safely. This means you do not require any additional tools when you want to switch from running to cycling or to cross-country skiing.
The unique adjustable cabin height of ZENO lets you lower the cabin center of gravity to get the best performance and safety out of all towing modes. This can be done in seconds with a simple kick, with no need for additional tools. The Multisport Adapter Point is designed to only allow the attachment of the different drawbars for the Towing Modes when the ZENO is in the lower cabin position. Therefore an easy, safe and quick transition between the different activities is guaranteed.

Does the ZENO fit to any bike when I want to go on a ride?

To attach the ZENO to your bicycle you need to purchase a ZENO Cycling Kit, which includes all the necessary accessories to safely connect your ZENO to your bike.
If your bicycle has a 5 mm quick release axle, you should be able to attach ZENO to your bicycle in most cases.
If your bicycle uses a Thru Axle, you will need to purchase a separate Thru Axle from CYBEX. You should first find out your Thru Axle’s exact length, diameter, shape and thread pitch. You can then contact us to choose from one of the Thru Axle’s we have available.
If there is no compatible solution available for you, please consult a professional bicycle mechanic for the appropriate parts and assistance.

What types of terrain can I go on with my ZENO?

The ZENO is designed for use on city streets and level terrain. Its lightweight aluminum frame, large air-filled tires and wide wheelbase makes the ZENO a great multisport training partner in an urban environment, with smooth and safe rides on even surfaces.
In Skiing Mode the ZENO can be used for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Please note that the ZENO is only designed for cross-country skiing over level surfaces, and must never be used for downhill skiing.

What is the maximum weight I can transport in the ZENO?

The ZENO is suitable for children up to a maximum of 49 lbs. The maximum loading capacity for the ZENO is 75 lbs.

From what age can I take my child with me cross-country skiing with the ZENO?

Only use the ZENO for cross-country skiing with a child who is at least 9 months old and able to sit upright unassisted. Each child is unique and develops at a different rate. If you are uncertain whether your child is ready, please consult your pediatrician prior to your activity. Please be cautious if your child is exposed to colder temperatures for a prolonged period of time. Always dress your child accordingly and regularly check your child’s behavior and condition. The ZENO is only designed for cross-country skiing over even surfaces; never use it for downhill skiing.