Why do jogging strollers have three wheels instead of four?

Jogging strollers have three wheels for safety and maneuverability at running speeds. Having three points of contact with the ground increases stability and allows you to easily steer your stroller at a running pace while keeping your loved one safe at all times. To maintain stability, even at higher speeds, all of our jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel instead of a swivel wheel. These products additionally feature air-filled tires for a smooth running performance and a comfortable run for you and your child.

Do I always need to have both hands on the handlebar during my run?

It is not required to always have both hands on the handlebar while using the AVI or ZENO. In fact, the handlebar has been specially shaped to allow you to run and steer with only one hand. This lets you swing the other arm for a more natural running style. During your run, you can try pushing the AVI or ZENO with one arm and swinging with the other to adopt a more natural running form. If you keep switching arms you can ensure that both sides of your body are trained equally. Whether you have one or both hands on the handlebar, make sure you always attach the wrist tether strap.

What is the best position for the handlebar while running?

Our sport products feature ergonomic and adjustable handlebars to help you enjoy a smooth run. When adjusting the handlebar height, the ideal position is for the top of the handlebar to be level with your navel. If you feel the need to change the height of the handlebar you can do so at any time to find the perfect fit for your running form.

Why do I need an extra stroller for jogging or running? What are the key benefits of the AVI?

Running with a specialized stroller enables you to maintain your exercise routine while staying close to your child. It’s very important to use a stroller specifically designed for this purpose, as conventional strollers are not designed to be used at running speeds. Jogging strollers also have additional features necessary for running safely and comfortably which conventional strollers do not provide.
The AVI is designed for running—a product without any compromise in design, safety or running functionality. With its lightweight aluminum frame, fixed front wheel, large air-filled tires and wide wheelbase, the AVI can smoothly glide with stability wherever your run may take you. AVI’s handbrake helps you to vary the stroller speed to meet your pace, helping you maintain an ideal running form. Throughout your run, your child will stay safe and comfortable secured by a soft padded five-point harness. With the AVI you’ll have the freedom to run with confidence, taking your loved one with you every step of the way.

What are the advantages of hands-free running with the ZENO?

When you run, ideally you will move your whole body in a smooth and balanced rhythm. Your upper body will rotate with your arms swinging free. Your stride will be wide and unrestricted. The ZENO’s pull-behind feature lets you move your body in this natural and unrestrained way. You can experience the great freedom of running hands-free, with no compromise to your balance, rhythm or performance. Another great benefit is that your child can watch you run and will always have you in sight. He or she can explore the world with you and share in your healthy lifestyle from an early age.