CYBEX by Karolina Kurkova



PRIAM Seat Pack

A fun and fashionable choice, the PRIAM is functional too—letting you both fold and recline the stroller with just one hand. Its sleek design is perfectly complemented by a Karolina Kurkova seat pack—impossible to ignore with its fusion of swirling shapes, pulsing energy and an instantly iconic lips motif.



A city dweller at heart, this lightweight stroller’s small footprint and slender silhouette helps you navigate the bustling sidewalk with expertise. And the energetic design of this Karolina Kurkova seat pack, equal parts playful and passionate, will set your child apart.


The CYBEX by Karolina Kurkova Collection is made with REPREVE® certified recycled fibers. The yarn in each product utilizes up to 31 recycled plastic PET bottles creating a sustainable and eco-conscious offering.

Cloud Q

An infant car seat that represents the ideal symbiosis of safety and fashionable design, the Cloud Q is now available in the exhilarating colors and abstract lines of the Karolina Kurkova collection.

Yema Tie

Keep your loved one close with the YEMA TIE, ergonomically designed to assist healthy development and fully adjustable to constantly support your child’s head and neck. And you’ll cut a distinctive figure in a Karolina Kurkova print that sizzles with positivity and love.


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