Solution Q2-Fix

Product Information

  • Length:

    405 in


    540 in


    625 in

  • Weight:

    7.6 lbs

  • Maintenance:

    Fabric covers machine washable

  • Engineered and designed in Germany

    Engineered and designed in Germany

Manual downloads


Is it OK to keep using a seat after an accident?
We at CYBEX strongly recommend that you replace a seat after any kind of accident. This is because tiny hairline cracks, which may not be visible to the naked accident. These cracks can pose an increased risk to safety.
My car seat is faulty, how can I get it repaired?
Please refer to the retailer where you bought your CYBEX seat. They will deal with the matter on your behalf.
What does L.S.P. system stand for?
The abbreviation L.S.P. stands for Linear.Side-impact.Protection. The L.S.P. system is responsible for the shoulder and head protectors systematically absorbing the forces of a side impact in a linear chain reaction. The kinetic body energy triggered in an accident is absorbed and the head and upper body moved in a safe position. Especially the sensitive head and shoulder area is protectively locked inside the safety zone of the seat. The L.S.P. System Plus features additional side protectors.
Where can I get replacement parts for my product?
You can order replacement parts from a specialist retailer near you. To find a store near you, simply go to the store locator on our website:
Will CYBEX release an i-Size seat with a safety cushion? / When does CYBEX plan to launch a Platinum i-Size seat?
Whether and when CYBEX will bring out another i-Size product is unknown at this moment in time. The engineers at CYBEX are constantly working in close cooperation with experts from other leading brands and institutions involved in child safety to drive forward the development of new products. As soon as CYBEX decides to launch a new i-Size seat, we will announce our plans on our website and on social media.

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