Aton 2

Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.)

The L.S.P. side protectors on the Aton 2 transfer the initial impact of a side impact to the seat's shell. The optimized structure of the shell absorbs the forces and channels the forces away from your baby, resulting in a 40% increase in safety. The L.S.P. devices, in combination with the flexible energy-absorbing shell, thick EPS foam and extra thick padded covers, absorb and distribute crash forces away from your child, especially during a side-impact collision.

Integrated Designer Canopy

The integrated, extra-large sun canopy disappears elegantly behind a color-coordinated visor. It can be extended incrementally, offering not only perfect sun protection but also protection against wind and rain.

Base 2

The Load Leg keeps the seat upright in a crash for maximum protection of the baby's head, neck, and body.

The European style Load Leg prevents the seat from rotating forward in a crash and allows the seat to perfectly support the baby's head, neck, and body. It also transfers much of the energy into the vehicle's floor, decreasing forces on the baby.

Ultra Lightweight

The Aton 2 is very lightweight making carrying and installation easy. Thanks to the very lightweight construction the Aton 2 is easily moved in and out of cars and carried around, without breaking your back. All this while not making any compromises in safety and comfort.

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