Aton 2

Infant Car Seat, Rear-Facing. From birth up to approx. 18 months


Infant Car Seat


From 4lbs+ up to 35 lbs.


From newborn up to approx. 18 months

Aton 2 Pepper Black Aton 2 Manhattan Grey Aton 2 Denim Blue Aton 2 Lavastone Black

Aton 2 infant Car Seat

At CYBEX, safety is our top priority. We conduct hundreds of crash tests every year as part of our commitment to continually improve our child restraints. Safety is our first priority and drives all we do. Aton 2 builds on the latest safety technologies and the Aton Infant Car Seat. The Aton 2 is for babies 4 lbs. to 35 lbs. and up to 30" tall.

When Safety Matters

CYBEX Aton 2 Infant Car Seat offers your baby a plush, comfortable environment while making it easier on you to use them every day. Weighing in at just under10 pounds, the CYBEX Aton 2 is one of the lightest carriers on the market, thanks to the careful consideration of materials as well as having the release mechanism as part of the Base, not the Carrier. LOAD LEG - The height adjustable Load Leg absorbs and distributes energy to the vehicle floor, thereby greatly reducing forces on the child. It also keeps the child in the perfect position for maximum crash protection, by preventing the seat from rotating forward. THREE POSITION HANDLE - A three-position handle accommodates carrying and driving, resting, and storage when needed. NEWBORN INLAY - The Newborn Inlay helps to position smaller babies properly in the Aton 2 during their first few months. It provides a better fit of the harness with smaller babies and also opens up the torso angle to help facilitate breathing and digestion. INFANT INSERT - Properly positions smaller babies for a better fit of the harness and gives more stability to the head and torso.

Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System)

Integrated foldaway canopy

Compact and lightweight travel system

Newborn Inlay

Ultra lightweight

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