MAIRA.tie - Functions

Healthy carrying from newborn to toddler - approx. 7.7- 33 lbs.

Thanks to individual adjusting with the tie, ergonomic seating for every baby size is provided.

One size fits all

Ergonomic waistbelt with a one-handed safety lock mechanism fits waist sizes from 26 - 60 inches.

Support of healthy hip positioning

Carrier panel adjusts in both width and height to provide ergonomic support for baby’s hips and spine.

Multifunctional headrest

Tuck-away head and neck support doubles as a sunshade.

Customizable strap positioning

Soft, buckle-free straps can be crossed for customizable weight distribution.

International Hip Dysplasia Institute

The IHDI recommends babywearing for healthy hip development as long as the correct carrying position (spread-squat position) is guaranteed. As all CYBEX baby carriers allow for healthy carrying positions, they were certified as ‘hip-healthy’ by the IHDI.