The Pallas G i-Size Car Seat

Safety that grows with the child

For years parents have trusted CYBEX Pallas car seats to keep their children safe. The Pallas G i-Size is the next generation of this award-winning series, representing years of successful innovation. A car seat that builds upon a strong track record of impact shield technology, improving it for even better safety and ease of use, reducing the risk of neck injuries by 40%. A car seat that grows with your child, delivering over ten years of comfort and protection.

Pallas G i-Size: The perfect fit for the years ahead, always ready to protect your loved one.

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Pallas G i-Size

Safety that grows with the child


UN R129/03 i-Size


76 - 150 cm


From approx. 9 up to 50 kg


From >15 months up to approx. 12 years

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Learn how the tried and tested functions of the Pallas G i-Size can help keep your child safe and supported from their first trips as a toddler up until their pre-teen years.

40% reduction in neck injuries

The Advanced Impact Shield reduces the risk of neck injuries in a frontal collision, with superior performance compared to a harness system. In a head-on collision the child rolls forward over the impact shield which acts in a similar way to an airbag, with impact force distributed across its large surface area. This reduces strain on the vulnerable neck and protects the child’s head.

More than 10 years of usability

A 2-in-1 Seat that grows with your little one throughout their childhood—from toddler to pre-teen. Your child is protected by an impact shield until they grow to 21 kg. Then the impact shield is removed and the seat is secured by the vehicle seatbelt, providing reliable protection until they reach a height of 150 cm (approx. 12 years old).

Secures your child in seconds

The Integrated Adjustable Impact Shield secures your child easily, quickly and reliably, with research showing that impact shields have a significantly lower error rate than harness systems¹ (see Functions page). This new impact shield features a convenient buckle system—no more leaning over your child or struggling with seatbelts. The impact shield’s adjustable fit ensures excellent comfort for your growing child.


How do I change the Pallas G i-Size from impact shield to 3-point vehicle belt configuration?

To change the Pallas G i-Size to the 3-point vehicle belt configuration you only have to remove the impact shield. The child is then secured by the 3-point vehicle belt. You can convert the Pallas G i-Size after your child exceeds a height of 100 cm. This is not mandatory, and you can continue to use the Pallas car seat with the impact shield until your child reaches 105 cm in height. However it is obligatory to detach the impact shield once the child reaches 21 kg.

What is the Top Tether used for?

The Top Tether serves as the upper anchor point for the child seat and is usually fixed in the trunk. This additionally stabilizes the car seat and prevents rotation of the car seat in the event of an accident. The Top Tether must be used if the car seat is used with an impact shield, otherwise the use of the Top Tether is optional.