For twenty years, Karolina Kurkova has been an enviable force in the fashion world. Discovered by Anna Wintour, Karolina was crowned a Vogue cover girl, worked as a glamorous Victoria’s Secret Angel and starred in campaigns for major luxury brands such as Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Naturally, Kurkova’s successful career is due to a combination of her stunning looks, discipline and business acumen. But, there is more to it than that. We’re talking about the X-factor—or in Karolina’s case, the K-factor. Her energy, motivation and passion have come together to form the K-factor that makes her so unique and beloved.

At the CYBEX campaign shoot in Miami for Karolina’s collection, the K-factor is clear to see: Karolina dances, sings, and entertains in front of the camera all while keeping the shoot on track and on time. That’s what makes her so special. Whether she is under stress, adapting to constantly changing conditions or switching modes from working model to working mother—Karolina always keeps her cool. She loves having her family on set with her, even if things don’t always go according to plan.

In today’s fast-paced society, modern parents have to juggle so many things: from career to family. As the CEO of her family, Karolina knows the struggle that parents feel to keep up and be the perfect mom.

Everyone thinks a cool mom knows how to balance things, but I think that’s impossible. I think a good parent is someone who is willing to be wrong and work on that. Someone who is not afraid to get down and dirty, whatever that takes. I also learned from my parents. They were always very supportive of each other. And that’s also cool!

Karolina’s idea of a cool mother also naturally includes the idea of which products you choose for your family and children.

Everybody tells you something different. The first time as a new parent you think you need so much. Then, with my second child, I learned that you need much less than you thought. Your focus should be on quality over quantity.

Karolina’s collaboration with German brand CYBEX came about as a result of their aligned parenting philosophy. Just like Karolina, CYBEX focuses on finding the perfect symbiosis of safety, functionality and design when it develops its products. Modern parents can not only rely on the functionality of CYBEX’s products, but can also relate to their fashion-forward designs and style. Kurkova worked closely with the CYBEX team on the collection. Thus, Karolina is not just the “face” of the collection: she is a true partner, contributor of ideas and a collaborator. As a working mom and fashion expert, Karolina has taken on the role of collaborator with CYBEX seriously, as one who understands what women today both need and want. Karolina is also a champion of products that are sustainable. As a result, the collection is made with REPREVE® certified recycled fibers. The yarn in each product utilizes up to 31 recycled plastic PET bottles creating an eco-conscious offering.

Lastly, the most important ingredient in CYBEX by Karolina Kurkova is LOVE. For Karolina, love is the driving force of the universe, an energy and a life principle that is more important than all others.

Love is every bit as diverse as life itself: love of family, work, community, fellow human beings and life in general.

This shines through in Karolina’s design and her knowledge as a fashion expert: the wide red lips double as a style element and an expression of love. The bold mix of colors and prints reflect her philosophy of life—an attitude of playfulness and whimsy that we need more today than ever before.

We need love, fun and bright energy. In short, we need the K-factor.


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