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Attached to the harness system of your car seat, the SensorSafe clip connects to your smartphone and provides essential alerts to help prevent critical situations: when your child unbuckles the clip, if your child is put at risk of vehicular heatstroke because of ambient temperature changes or from being left alone in the car, and if your child has been seated for too long.

As seen in

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of parents reported that their child had unbuckled themselves from their car seat.

Source: study by yale university, 2011


Sensorsafe clip open

stop the car in a safe area

Check on your child!


The SensorSafe clip helps prevent the child from slipping out of the harness system. If your child manages to open the clip, you will be instantly alerted via push notification on your smartphone.

Temperature Warning


Critically high.

Rescue child!


The SensorSafe clip monitors the ambient temperature of your car. When temperatures become uncomfortably hot or cold for your child, the app will inform you via push notification on your smartphone. Changes in temperature can become especially dangerous if your child is left unattended in the car. In the event your child is left alone the SensorSafe clip is able to send reminder notifications directly to your smartphone. If desired SensorSafe can also alert emergency contacts and share the location of the car.

Child Alone Warning

Child alone in car.

1801 Commerce Drive

Piqua, OH 45356

Return to car!

Your emergency contacts have been notified.

Ensure your child is with a parent or loved one

In the event your child is left alone in the car, the SensorSafe clip is able to send reminder notifications directly to your smartphone. If desired SensorSafe can also alert emergency contacts and share the location of the car.

is available with a wide range of CYBEX and gb car seats

Frequently asked questions

Is SensorSafe available for all CYBEX / gb car seats?
No. All CYBEX / gb car seats applying to i-Size regulation R129 will be available with SensorSafe, with the exception of the CYBEX Sirona Q i-Size and Aton B i-Size. Check your products packaging or instruction manual for further information on compatibility with SensorSafe.
Why is SensorSafe not available as a stand-alone-product or accessory?
SensorSafe is part of the homologation and not an accessory.
Can the clip be put on other seats than the offered ones?
No. SensorSafe is permitted for use with the approved car seats only. CYBEX does not take any responsibility for using SensorSafe with other seats than the following:
- Cloud Z i-Size
- Sirona Z i-Size
- Sirona Zi i-Size
- Aton M i-Size
- Sirona S i-Size
- Sirona M2 i-Size
- Vaya 2 i-Size
I have an infant car seat equipped with SensorSafe. Can I install the clip on the next seat following the infant car seat?
No, the clip for infant car seats is smaller than the one for rear facing seats because of the different versions of the harness system. Each car seat was tested and approved with the specific SensorSafe clip only.
At which temperature does the SensorSafe app give a warning?
When the temperature in the car interior reaches 35° or falls to 7° there will be an accoustic warning.
How many emergency contacts can be stored on the app? And how does it work?
In the app, you can invite family members (or other people). They must download the app and accept the invitation. They will be notified via push notifications (sender and receiver need a connection to the internet). There is no limit in the number of emergency contacts that can be entered.
Will SensorSafe also provide the location of the car?
In case of an emergency (child left alone in the car) SensorSafe will send a notification to the emergency contacts. This message includes the location of the clip at the time the App noticed that the child had been left behind. To use this function, it is necessary to allow location services.
Can several smartphones connect to one SensorSafe system at the same time?
No, only one person can be connected to one working system. It is possible however to register the same device for several user accounts.
Can several SensorSafe clips connect with one smartphone?
Yes. Up to eight clips can be connected with one smartphone and user account. You need to register each clip with the smartphone individually.
Is SensorSafe safe for using close to the child? (Bluetooth/radiation etc.)
Yes, SensorSafe technology is certified safe for use and equipped with the CE label. It transmits an extremely brief, very low power signal—no stronger than your car’s keyless remote entry. The transmissions are so brief that the total transmission time in two hours of driving is less than one second.
Is the app free or do I need to buy it?
The SensorSafe app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play Store.
If multiple car seats are present in a car will the SensorSafe App recognize and distinguish them?
Devices, meaning clips that are attached to a car seat, need to be registered/paired with the app before the system automatically recognizes them.

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