Small Fold Genius

Travel light with the Libelle stroller, for a trip that’s smooth, effortless and most of all fun!

With one of the smallest folds in the world, the Libelle buggy folds into a genius space-saving package that’s hand luggage compliant and easy to store in planes, trains or cars. Lightweight enough to make carrying a breeze and comfortable for sleepy children on the move, the Libelle is here to help you make the most out of your journey.

The CYBEX Gold Libelle compact stroller is perfect for traveling and features an ultra-compact fold and ultra-lightweight design making it easy to store in small cars, trains, and airplanes.


Discover how the Libelle can help you enjoy a smooth journey whether you’re driving to a weekend getaway or staycation, catching a train for a city break or flying away on your dream holiday.


Folding and unfolding in seconds, the Libelle stroller is an ultra-compact travel companion that fits in car boot, under train seats or in overhead compartments —wherever you need to put it.

The CYBEX Gold Libelle stroller folds into an ultra-compact package for easy storage in small cars, trains, and can even be stored in airline overhead compartments.
The CYBEX Gold Libelle ultra-compact stroller weighs only 5.9 kg, making an ultra lightweight travel companion.


Only 5.9 kg, the lightweight Libelle stroller is incredibly easy to pick up and carry. Even lifting it into overhead storage is child’s play.

Infinite Recline & Adjustable Legrest

Keep your child happy and comfy on the go. When they need a break from the excitement of travel you can find the perfect comfort position for them to take a peaceful nap.

The CYBEX Libelle compact stroller offers a smooth recline function and adjustable leg rest to keep children happy and comfortable on the go.

*Classic Beige is only available in the Republic of Ireland.

The CYBEX Gold Libelle compact stroller offers innovative design elements and smart functionalities.