Pallas B2-Fix + Lux

Advanced long-lasting safety


UN R44/04


Gr. 1/2/3


From approx. 76 up to 150 cm


9 - 36 kg


From approx. 9 months up to 12 years

Car compatibility

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Pallas B2-Fix + Lux Volcano Black Pallas B2-Fix + Lux Dynamic Red Pallas B2-Fix + Lux Steel Grey Pallas B2-Fix + Lux Bay Blue

The Pallas B2-Fix + Lux Car Seat

The CYBEX Pallas B2-Fix + Lux car seat combines a long lifespan with advanced safety features for lasting peace of mind. This 2-in-1 seat is a reliable protector for approximately 11 years. Working in a similar way to an inflated airbag, the adjustable impact shield guards against the forces of a front impact until your child weighs 15 kg. It can then be easily removed to allow the seat to keep growing with your child. A patented reclining headrest allows sleepy children to nap without their head tilting forward. This helps keep the head in a protected position in the event of a side crash, while Linear Side-impact Protection Plus helps absorb the forces of the collision.

2-in-1 car seat

Adjustable impact shield

Patented reclining headrest