Pallas B2-Fix +

Improved long-lasting safety


UN R44/04


Gr. 1/2/3


From approx. 76 up to 150 cm


9 - 36 kg


From approx. 9 months up to 12 years

Car compatibility

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Pallas B2-Fix + Volcano Black Pallas B2-Fix + Dynamic Red Pallas B2-Fix + Steel Grey Pallas B2-Fix + Bay Blue

The Pallas B2-Fix + Car Seat

The CYBEX Pallas B2-Fix + car seat delivers long-lasting safety. This 2-in-1 seat can grow as fast as your little one does. Your child is secured in the seat by an adjustable impact shield which absorbs forces in the event of a frontal crash in a similar way to an inflated airbag. Once the child reaches 15 kg in weight the shield can be removed to allow them to be strapped in with your car’s seat belt for the rest of their childhood. Linear Side-impact Protection Plus also helps absorb impact energy in the event of a side crash.

2-in-1 car seat

Adjustable impact shield

Linear Side-impact Protection System Plus