Aton M i-Size

Modular Innovation Meets Highest Safety Standards


UN R129/02



45 cm - 75 cm


max. 13 kg


max. 13 kg

Aton M i-Size Premium Black Aton M i-Size Indigo Blue Aton M i-Size Fancy Pink Aton M i-Size Manhattan Grey Aton M i-Size Urban Black Aton M i-Size Tropical Blue Aton M i-Size Values for Life - Respect Aton M i-Size Values for Life - Love Aton M i-Size Values for Life - Trust Aton M i-Size Values for Life - Strength Aton M i-Size Victory Black Aton M i-Size Racing Red

Aton M i-Size Infant Car Seat

The Aton M i-Size offers the latest safety technology available. When installed with the Base M (additionally available), the infant car seat complies with the new i-Size regulation. i-Size (UN R129) is the EU standard for child safety, making rear-facing travel mandatory until your child reaches 15 months. The Aton M i-Size is suitable for newborns and babies at a height of 45 cm to 87 cm (max. 13 kg).

Modular innovation meets highest safety standards

The Aton M i-Size offers a removable seat insert that ensures a near-flat lying position for premature and newborn babies. Together with the L.S.P. System and the energy absorbing shell the elaborate safety concept helps protect the baby. The height-adjustable head rest, a softly padded harness and the XXL sun canopy ensure a comfortable ride.

M-Line Modular System

11-position height adjustable headrest with integrated harness guides

Integrated L.S.P. System

Removable seat insert

Travel system

Complies with the new European requirements and regulations for car seats UN R129 when installed with Base

360° View

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