Shape you up!


Sports are a joyful part of life, and we want you to continue to be active as part of the adventure of parenthood. We created our Sports Goods to empower you to pursue the healthy way of life you want while loving every second you spend outdoors with your child. We’re uncompromising in our development of products that are unique in their field—specifically designed for sport with outstanding craftmanship inspired by the world of fashion.


It’s more than just sport. More than just a run or a hike, a ski or a bike ride. It’s a time to be free, to feel exhilarated, to move and find out what your body can do. It’s a time to meet friends, to sweat and laugh together, to make new connections and strengthen old ones. And now it’s a time to share with your child—a time for new experiences, new memories, every moment precious and unique. We made the CYBEX Gold Sport Collection so you can exercise in whatever way you choose, while keeping your loved one close. It’s more than just sport. It’s a time to be you.



Designed for sport, the ZENO lets you take your little one along for all your outdoor adventures.

Zeno Bike

Take an active timeout from your daily routine, and take your little sidekick along for the ride. Roll into town, discover new routes, or play tour guide for the day. Let your child explore the city in a safe and fun way, with the ZENO Bike.



Giving you the freedom to exercise with the same passion and style that you bring to every other part of your life.