Solution Z i-Fix

The big brother


UN 129/03


100 - 150 cm


From approx. 3 up to 12 years

Car compatibility

Is this the right seat for my car?

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Solution Z i-Fix Soho Grey Solution Z i-Fix Deep Black Solution Z i-Fix Autumn Gold Solution Z i-Fix Autumn Gold Solution Z i-Fix Mountain Blue Solution Z i-Fix Deep Black Solution Z i-Fix Mustard Yellow Solution Z i-Fix Nautical Blue Solution Z i-Fix Khaki Green

Solution Z i-Fix Car Seat

Designed to grow with your child, the Solution Z i-Fix is now certified to the latest UN R129/03 safety standard— incorporating enhanced testing procedures for side collisions.

Solution Z i-Fix Car Seat

Equipped with 12 height settings and automatic width adjustment, the head and shoulder protectors can be easily adjusted with one hand to meet each child’s individual space requirements. The patented reclining headrest keeps your child’s head in the safety zone of the car seat, and the seat’s air ventilation system keeps the seat at a cool temperature for your child’s comfort on hot days.

Patented reclining headrest

Automatic height and width adjustment

Air ventilation system

Optimised Linear Side-impact Protection

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