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Product Information

  • Length:

    405 mm


    530 mm


    625 mm

  • Maintenance:

    Fabric covers machine washable at 30°

  • Engineered and designed in Germany

    Engineered and designed in Germany

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User Guides


Why is BEYLA.twist ergonomically and healthy for the baby’s body?

Our BEYLA.twist is designed for the physical needs of your baby due to its shape. The baby can be carried in the important spread-squat position when wearing the BEYLA.twist correctly, which is easy to adjust.
The seating ring should be adjusted from knee to knee to support baby´s legs. Baby´s bum is nicely covered by the ring and is positioned lower then baby´s legs. The marks on the inside of the ring help to adjust the ring according to the baby size/ age. It is important to place baby´s bum directly in the middle of the ring and to wear the baby carrier tight.

For small baby´s the hip belt needs to be placed underneath the breast, so that baby's head can be kissed easily. The head-kiss-height or ear-heart-height is the most important indicator to check if the baby carrier has the right position. This simple test applies to all baby sizes. When the baby is growing, only the belt will be lowered and the ring width will be adjusted according to the baby.

Is the product machine washable?

Yes. For best results, machine wash in a delicate cycle with liquid detergent at 86°F (30°C). Fasten all buckles before washing. It may be useful to put the carrier in a wash bag for extra care. Do not tumble dry, and do not expose to direct harsh sunlight.

Can I carry my child facing outwards?

The BEYLA.twist has been developed with special focus on an ergonomic inward and outward carrying position for the baby. Thanks to the adjustable seating ring the BEYLA.twist can be perfectly adapted to the different baby sizes with support of the spread-squat position in all four carrying positions.
In the outward facing carrying position it is very important to observe the behavior of the child. Children around the age of 6 months love to discover the environment, but they are not able to handle all environmental influences yet. It is recommended to start with short wearing cycles in this position so as not to overwhelm the child (15 minutes are recommended) and to keep an eye on the child's condition. The most suitable environments for the front outward carrying position are calm and stress free.

For what ages is the carrier suitable?

The product can be used in the front-carrying position from birth (3.5 kg or 7 lb, 11 oz). The side-carrying position can be used when a baby can hold its own head up (from around 3 months old). Back carrying is an option for babies with good head and bottom control (from around 6 months).

What type of third-party verification and certification does the BEYLA.twist baby carrier have?

CYBEX consulted with a number of experts during the development of BEYLA.twist to ensure its optimal design for the health of the child. We collaborated with certified baby wearers as well as prototype tested the design with several volunteers and trainees.

From what age can I use the front-carry position?

The front-carry position can be used from birth (3.5 kg, or 7 lb, 11 oz).

Is BEYLA.twist suitable from birth?

Yes of course, the BEYLA.twist is suitable to carry babies directly from birth through to approximately two years of age (15kgs). However, no baby is like the other, so baby´s birth weights vary for example between 3kg and 5kg. Of course, this is a huge difference, which is why the physical characteristics of the baby, such the spread of the legs and the size of the body, are decisive for whether the baby carrier fits the baby right from birth or whether a few weeks have to pass. It is important that the baby gets enough oxygen all times, i.e. at least the nose should be visible and free.

From what age can I use the side-carry position?

The side-carrying position can be used when a baby can hold its own head up (from around 3 months old).

From what age can I use the back-carry position?

The back-carry position is suitable for babies with good head and bottom control—generally from 6 months onward.