Balios S 2-in-1


  • Länge:

    900 mm


    605 mm


    1100 mm

    Faltmaß Länge:

    900 mm

    Faltmaß Breite:

    490 mm

    Faltmaß Höhe:

    330 mm

  • Gewicht:

    11,5 kg

  • Pflege:

    Stoffbezüge maschinenwaschbar bei 30°

  • In Deutschland entwickelt und entworfen

    In Deutschland entwickelt und entworfen

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Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

Can I carry my newborn baby in the Balios S 2-in-1 stroller?
Yes, the Balios S 2-in-1 can be used in cot mode to carry your baby comfortably from day one. Afterwards the cot can be changed into a seat by changing the soft fabric parts.
Is it easy to store the Balios S 2-in-1?
When it is folded into its most compact size, the Balios S 2-in-1 stroller measures: L 900 mm / W 490 mm / H 330 mm. This makes it easy to store in the trunk of your car, or in your storage space at home.
Can the Balios S 2-in-1 stroller travel on uneven surfaces?
The Balios S 2-in-1 has all-wheel suspension, which keeps your child comfortable even if you’re pushing it over rough ground or uneven sidewalks.
Which CYBEX car seats can I attach to the Balios S 2-in-1?
You can attach any CYBEX or gb infant car seat to the Balios S 2-in-1. Simply remove the stroller seat unit and attach the car seat to the frame using adapters, which are available at retailers.
I would like to order the Balios S 2-in-1. What will I receive with the delivery?
With each delivery you will receive a stroller including wheels, a bumper bar, an XXL sun canopy, and a shopping basket. You will also receive the fabric parts necessary to turn the stroller from cot mode to seat mode.
Where can I get spare parts for my stroller?
Spare parts are available from selected retailers. To find a store near you, simply go to the store locator on our website:
Where can I buy CYBEX strollers and buggies?
CYBEX strollers and buggies are available on our online store: You can also easily find a store near you by going to the store locator on our website:
Which age group is the Balios S 2-in-1 stroller for?
The Balios S 2-in-1 can carry children from birth by using the cot mode. By changing the cot into a seat by changing the soft fabric parts on the frame, the Balios 2-in-1 can be used up until the child is 4 years old (up to a maximum weight of 22 kg).
What is the difference between the Balios S 2-in-1 and the Balios S Lux?
The main difference between the two strollers is that the seat of the Balios S 2-in-1 can be converted into a carry cot by changing the soft fabric components. This makes the Balios S 2-in-1 ideal for carrying newborns without having to purchase any extra accessories.
Is there a seat liner for this stroller?
Our Summer Seat Liner is sweat-absorbing and will keep your child cool on warm days. It can be easily installed in all CYBEX strollers.
Which accessories can I use with the Balios S 2-in-1 stroller?
The following accessories can be used with the Balios S 2-in-1: Car Seat Adapters, Cup Holder, Gold Footmuff, Kid Board, Parasol, Rain Cover, Snack Tray, Snøgga Compact Footmuff, Summer Seat Liner All of these accessories are available at retailers, or on our online store:

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