Направено с универсален размер така, че да пасва на всички детски колички.

Персонализирайте вашата количка

Предлагащо се в палитра от 9 цвята чувалчето Snøgga е с универсално и пасва по размер и стил на всички детски колички. То е леко и компактно. Отвътре е с пълнеж от иновативната Thinsulate™ материя, която пази изключително добре детето при студено време.

Универсалното чувалче: 9 цвята и перфектна съвместимост

Чувалчето Snøgga се предлага в 9 прекрасни цвята с всеки от които можете да изразите усещането си за стил.

Ултра компактно и леко

Компактно и необходимо при пътуване с малко дете, чувалчето Snøgga тежи само 400 грама и може да се сгъне до пакет с размери 23 х 14 см., който удобно да пренасяте.


Иновативната THINSULATE™ материя от вътрешната страна на Snøgga е влагоустойчива и пази топло на детето дори при температура -10˚C.


Which strollers can the Snøgga fit into?
The Snøgga is designed for a universal fit, giving you excellent freedom of choice when it comes to matching it to your stroller. The only factor that may restrict the use of a Snøgga is the type of belt featured on the stroller. Therefore, it is recommended that you test the Snøgga with your stroller of choice before purchase. When fitting ensure that the stroller harness rests snugly against the body.
What is the TOG rating of the Snøgga?
The Snøgga is rated TOG 4. Combined with appropriate clothing, it will help keep your child warm in temperatures ranging from 10˚C to -10˚C. Always be sure to check on your child while outside, and take appropriate action if you notice any discomfort.
What does TOG 4 mean?
TOG 4 is the thermal insulation rating of the Snøgga. This means that the footmuff will help keep your child warm in temperatures ranging from 10˚C to -10˚C, when combined with the appropriate clothing. Always be sure to check on your child while outside, and take appropriate action if you notice any discomfort.
What clothes should my child wear with the Snøgga?
The Snøgga has a thermal insulation rating of TOG 4. This, along with the TOG value of the child’s clothing, should be taken into consideration when preparing your child to go outside in specific temperatures and weather conditions.
What is Thinsulate™?
Thinsulate™ is an innovative material composed of synthetic fibers. The use of Thinsulate™ as the filling for the Snøgga has the following benefits: Resistant to damp conditions. Retains warming properties even when wet—superior performance to conventional down filling. Lightweight and compressible.
Is the Snøgga water resistant?
The Snøgga lining is water resistant, meaning that it can help protect against light rain showers for a limited time. The Thinsulate™ filling is also damp resistant, and has better warmth performance when wet compared to conventional down filling.
Can I wash the Snøgga?
The Snøgga is machine washable at 30˚C using a gentle or delicate setting. Afterwards it should ideally be put in the tumble dryer on a low setting to make the filling fluffy again.
How big is the Snøgga?
Unrolled the Snøgga is 90 cm long and 50 cm wide, with a thickness of 2 cm. In its rolled-up form it is 23 cm long and 14 cm wide.
How much does the Snøgga weigh?
The Snøgga weighs 400 g.
How old does a child have to be to use the Snøgga?
As children grow at different rates, it is better to use your child’s height as a guide for whether a Snøgga will be a good fit. The Snøgga is usable from birth until your child reaches approximately 90 cm in height.
Can I fold my stroller with a Snøgga inside?
The Snøgga is compressible, so therefore it is possible that your stroller can be folded with a Snøgga installed. We recommend testing this beforehand to ensure that your stroller can fold fully with the Snøgga inside, and to make sure that the material doesn’t get caught in the folding mechanism.

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