Where should I install a car seat in my car?
The safest place for an infant car seat is on the rear seat behind the front passenger seat. It may be possible to install a CYBEX car seat on other seats in the vehicle. You can find this information in our vehicle Type List which is available either online or along with the product when it is purchased.
What kind of clothing should my child wear when seated in the car seat?
Thick clothing prevents the harness/vehicle belt or impact shield from lying tight against the body. Only a correctly adjusted restraint system can offer maximum protection. For this reason, your child should wear thin, well-fitting clothing. Thick clothing such as winter jackets and clothing with hoods (hoodies, teddy suits, etc.) as well as hats should be avoided. Once your child has been positioned in the seat, he or she can be covered with a blanket for warmth.
Can I use a car seat after an accident?
No, it is not safe to do this. To ensure the future safety of your child it is essential that you no longer use a car seat and base after an accident. In a collision, huge forces act on both the car and the car seat. This can cause hairline cracks that are invisible to the naked eye. Through daily use, exposure to the sun and large fluctuations in temperature, an initially harmless hairline crack has the potential to trigger complete material failure in the event of a second collision. In this instance, your child would no longer be protected. Therefore, you should not under any circumstances use the car seat any longer, and should purchase a new seat.
How can I clean my car seat?
Car seats can usually be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth. We recommend wiping the area between the seat and base with a damp cloth. Sand or other dirt beneath the cover can also be removed in this way. Please note that a car seat should never be dismantled for cleaning. Please always refer to your car seat’s user manual when carrying out care and maintenance on your car seat. Should you wish to clean a car seat more thoroughly than recommended above, you will have to have it cleaned professionally. Please ask the retailer who sold you the car seat to refer you to a professional service.
Столчетата от Група 2/3, които са захванати с ISOFIX система за свързване ( ISOFIX Connect System), трябва ли да бъдат обезопасявани и по някакъв друг начин (в горната част)?
Не. Стандарт ECE-R44/04 обхваща само ISOFIX системата за Група 0-1. Столчетата от Група 2/3 не влизат в този стандарт. Системата за захващане при столчета от Група 2/3 се нарича ISOFIX-Connect и служи като допълнително устройство за закрепване на столчето в колата. Детето се обезопасява с 3-точковия колан на автомобила.

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