Solution X-fix

High Back Boosters, Front-Facing. From approx. 3 up to 12 years

Solution X-fix High Back Booster Seat

The Award Winning Booster

The CYBEX Solution X-fix high back booster seat has received numerous awards from the most renowned European consumer testing institutions.

  • Patented reclining headrest
  • 11-position height adjustable
  • Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System)
  • Rigid LATCH Connection

In addition to the patented 3-position reclining headrest that prevents the child‘s head from falling forward when asleep, the Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System) absorbs the energy of a side-impact collision at a very early stage and protects the child‘s sensitive head and shoulder area. The rigid LATCH System further enhances stability and safety. This user-friendly high back booster is also compatible with cars that are not equipped with LATCH.

3-Position Reclining Headrest - Patented

3-Position Reclining Headrest


The 3-position reclining headrest prevents the child's head from falling forwards while asleep.

The CYBEX patented 3-position reclining headrest guarantees optimal protection in the case of a side-impact. This revolutionary technology safely shifts the balance point of the child's head slightly back and prevents it from falling forwards when the child is asleep. In the case of a side-impact collision, the child's sensitive head remains within the safety zone of the seat, ensuring optimal protection. Furthermore, our patented 3-position headrest offers a more comfortable sleeping position for a safe and peaceful journey.

11-position height-adjustable headrest

Comfortable protection that grows with the child

11-position height-adjustable backrest for the perfect fit and maximum safety

The 11-position height-adjustment allows the seat to grow with the child and offers extremely long usability. The head protectors grow with the child, keeping the head protection in the right place as they grow.

L.S.P. System - Linear Side-Impact Protection

L.S.P. System

Linear Side-Impact Protection

The Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System) provides extra safety in the event of a side-impact collision.

The Linear-Side-impact Protection System (L.S.P. System) systematically absorbs the force of a side-impact collision in a linear series of reaction through the use of the shoulder and head protectors. At the same time, the body's kinetic energy caused by the impact is absorbed at a very early stage and the head is actively led into a safe position.

Rigid LATCH Installation - More safety and stability

Rigid LATCH Installation

More safety and stability

The rigid LATCH System offers enhanced safety and stability and easy one-click installation.

Using the rigid LATCH System, the seat simply snaps into the vehicle's lower anchorage points. The connectors can easily be folded away, so that the seat is also compatible with cars not equipped with LATCH.

tested by real parents

Ali B.: „A very light child car seat with intuitive functionality. The reclining headrest works excellently.“


  • Reclining backrest

    Reclining backrest

  • Comfortable seat cushion

    Comfortable seat cushion

Engineered in Germany

Length / Width / Height : 16.1 / 17.7 / 25.2 inches
Weight: 15.4 lbs
Wash by hand in lukewarm water and line dry
Engineered and designed in Germany


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