»Da li je ovo pravo auto sedište za moj automobil?«

Solution Z-fix

Grupa II/III, 15 - 36 kg, od 3 godine do 12 godina


An outstanding Solution adjusting to your child´s needs

Your child grows a great deal between the ages of 3 and 12 but the Solution Z-Fix is optimized to grow alongside them and adapts to your child's changing needs.

Equipped with 12 height settings and automatic width adjustment, the head and shoulder protectors can be adjusted to meet each child’s individual space requirements. Its ability to be operated with just one hand makes it quick and easy for parents to adjust. The patented, reclining headrest’s design ensures that the child's head remains in the safety zone. This is especially important in the event of a side-impact collision, where the headrest and the L.S.P. System Plus offer your child greater protection. In combination with the energy-absorbing shell, forces from a side-impact collision are reduced by approximately 25% and the child's head is actively guided into a safe position thanks to the CYBEX Safety Pads. The Solution Z-Fix is equipped with ISOFIX Connect for easy installation and extra stability and safety. Ensuring your child’s comfort even when driving on hot days, the seat’s air ventilation system cools down the seat to a comfortable temperature. The car seat's reclining backrest perfectly adjusts to the angle of the back seat, making the Solution Z-Fix the perfect choice for your child with safety and comfort in mind.


Engineered in Germany

Dužina / Širina / Visina: 405 / 530 / 625 mm
Težina: 7,2 kg
UN R44/04, Grupa II/III
Osmišljeno i dizajnirano u Nemačkoj

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Da li je ovo pravo auto sedište za moj automobil?

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Solution Z-fix

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