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Director of Child Safety Products

Franz Peleska

An expert in the field of child safety products

Franz has been with CYBEX since the very beginning (going on seven years now) and prior to CYBEX he boasts more than 14 years experience working for leading consumer testing associations, such as the internationally renowned ÖAMTC (Österreichischer Automobil, Motorrad und Touring Club).

During his time at ÖAMTC he participated significantly in the development of new programs for both consumer and automobile club tests for child safety seats. They were the first independent consumer testing organisation in Europe to undertake such stringent testing of child safety seats - testing front and side impact scenarios along with varying dummy sizes to closely simulate real life situations. Additionally hundreds of test families with children tested the seats in terms of functionality, usability and comfort. This pioneer approach led to stricter testing across all car seat manufacturers and consumer testing institutes, which has seen a vast improvement in child safety products.

Franz leads a team of child safety experts at CYBEX and has been responsible for several award winning CYBEX car seats, including the CYBEX Solution and CYBEX Pallas series along with the infant car seat, CYBEX Aton. He can also be credited with the creation of CYBEX patented technology, including the three-position reclining headrest, Linear Side-impact Protection system and adjustable safety cushion, that has seen CYBEX time and time again achieve outstanding child safety test results.

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Here, Franz gives you all the expert advice you need to make sure you select the right car seat for your child. However, if you have any further questions please feel free to drop him an email by clicking here* and Franz and his team of child safety experts will endeavour to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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