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Sirona M2 i-Size

신생아부터 - 105 cm까지, 약 4세까지

The Sirona M2 i-Size was tested with the Base M i-Size.

Sirona M2 i-Size rear-facing car seat

Safely rear-facing until your child reaches 105 cm in height

The new CYBEX Sirona M2 i-Size complies with the new European requirements and regulations for car seats ECE R-129. This new "i-Size regulation" states that children aged 15 months and under must travel in a rear-facing infant car seat, which is seen as the safest mode of transport by many experts, including consumer and health organisations such as Which?, the ADAC and the German independent consumer testing organisation Stiftung Warentest.

When using the CYBEX Sirona M2 i-size, the child can be transported in a rear-facing position from birth until they reach 105 cm in height (approx. 4 years). The new, intelligent design means that even taller kids have plenty of leg room to sit comfortably. But it doesn‘t take up too much space either – the Sirona M2 i-Size can be easily installed in smaller cars. Additional features such as the one-hand reclining function provide extra convenience and make everyday use easier.


  • 충격 흡수 쉘 - 충격량을 흡수하고 아기를 감싸 보호합니다.

    충격 흡수 쉘:
    충격량을 흡수하고 아기를 감싸 보호합니다.

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Engineered in Germany

길이/폭/높이: 720 / 440 / 660 mm
무게: 14 kg
UN R129
시트 커버 원단은 30ᵒ 미온수에 유아용 세제로 손세탁 하십시오.

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