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Aton 5

그룹. 0+, 0 - 13 kg, 신생아부터 약 18개월까지

Aton 5 infant car seat

The fifth generation of the successful infant carrier

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, e.g. the award-winning Aton 2, group 0+ test winner in the 6/2012 Stiftung Warentest child car seat test, the Aton 5 adds to the features of the successful Aton series.

The unique safety features, e.g. the height-adjustable headrest with integrated harness guides, which improve the excellent accident safety of the energy absorbing shell in combination with the crash test proven L.S.P. system even further, and new comfort features, e.g. the huge XXL sun canopy, add up to a perfect infant carrier for premature babies and very small newborns. A new function allows an ideal sitting angle and ensures that small babies lie with their head, neck and chest perfectly aligned. The risk of suffocation by the head falling forward is thereby significantly reduced. The infant car seat can be used belted or with one of our optional bases for easy installation.


Engineered in Germany

길이/폭/높이: 640 / 430 / 390-560 mm
무게: 4,8 kg
UN R44/04, 그룹. 0+
시트 커버 원단은 30ᵒ 미온수에 유아용 세제로 손세탁 하십시오.

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고객님의 차량과 본 제품이 적합한가요?

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