Gr. 0+/1, 0 - 18 kg, up to approx. 4 years

Engineered in Germany

length / width / height :  mm
weight:  kg


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between the Sirona and the Sirona M2 i-Size?
From what age can the Sirona M2 i-Size be used?
What is the weight limit for using the Sirona M2 i-Size?
When is a child too big for the CYBEX Sirona M2 i-Size?
Will the Sirona M2 i-Size fit in my vehicle?
Can I also use the Sirona M2 i-Size in a car without ISOFIX anchorage points?
Can I also use the Sirona M2 i-Size in a car without i-Size certification?
What aspects should I bear in mind when installing the Sirona M2 i-Size in my vehicle?
Can my child rest his/her legs on the rebound bar?
When can I switch the Sirona M2 i-Size to a forward-facing position?
Do the side protectors / LSPs have to be folded out on both sides in the car?
How can I switch the Sirona M2 i-Size into a forward-facing position?
May I use the seat with an activated side airbag?
How do I secure my child in the seat?
Why doesn’t the Sirona M2 i-Size come with a safety cushion (like the Sirona)?
Why does the Sirona M2 i-Size use a 5-point harness rather than a 3-point belt?
What kind of clothing should my child wear when seated in the car seat?
Can I use this seat on a flight?
Why only rearward-facing until 15 months and not for 4 years in total?
Is it ok to keep using a seat after an accident?
My car seat is faulty, how can I get it repaired?
Where can I get replacement parts for my product?
Will CYBEX release an i-Size seat with a safety cushion?
Can I use an i-Size child seat in my car that is equipped with ISOFIX?
Can I still use my ECE R44/04 CYBEX child car seat/infant car seat as the new ECE R129 i-Size is valid?
Will the norm ECE R129 i-Size also be valid in the US?
Why does the norm ECE R129 i-Size now focus on the size of the child? Why is the age of the child not relevant?