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    need is love

    Fashion Collection

    Back to the roots. Back to the family. Back to basics. And back to life as an experiment, in which the journey is more important than the destination. Bohemianism is currently enjoying a renaissance, fearless in its pursuit of freedom, individualism and sustainable consumption. Bohemians have always been the intellectual avant-garde, at home in every big city in the world, cosmopolitan, cutting-edge. Except today, they are also digital, and the commune has become a community.

  • CYBEX has taken this trend as a starting point for its second Fashion Collection and created specialedition versions of its top products with new design accents. Because the word is out: for urban parents from London to New York, CYBEX prams, buggies and car seats are not simply an everyday necessity, they are also style statements and fashion accessories.

  • We have given our premium product line a modern twist with bold, psychedelic all-over prints inspired by contemporary avantgarde fashion design. Like futuristic plumage, the digital-tribal, infinitely repeated patterns in tasteful colours from blue via red and black to white, adorn the Callisto city pram, the Callisto luxury buggy and the awarded Aton 2 infant car seat. The easy-to-transport buggy model Onyx is available in the equally exciting “freaky feather” look, complemented by the 2.GO baby carrier and the baby bag as well as additional accessories.

    All you need is love. Plus CYBEX for a stylish experience.