What is i-Size?

A new European wide regulation by UNECE

I-Size (integral universal ISOFIX) is a new safety regulation in Europe for child restraint systems that have been developed especially for ISOFIX car seats and infant carriers (universal approval with support leg or top tether).
I-Size has been prepared by the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE) in response to years of criticism from member states and the end consumers to the existing UN ECE R-44.
Next to Europe the i-Size norm is effective in various other countries.

For more information please visit the i-size website: http://www.i-size.org.uk/

There is no legal requirement or obligation for an end consumer to replace their current seat for an i-Size car seat at the moment.
All CYBEX car seats sold today comply with the highest safety and all necessary legal standards and can continue to be used with full confidence.

Fundamental principles of the i-size regulation:

  • Reduced risk of misuse due to ISOFIX
    (universal approval with support leg or top tether).
  • It becomes mandatory under i-Size for rear-facing car seats until the child reaches 15 months of age
  • Easy classification according to the height and not the weight of the child
  • It incorporates new side-impact testing
  • Improved compatibility: i-Size car seats fit each i-size seating position in the car. A special label indicates the compatibility with each seat in each certified vehicles

The advantages of i-Size

Improved Safety

  • Rear-facing seats offer the most safety when transporting a child with the car. The strong front impacts are distributed widely across the area of the seat’s back, significantly reducing the strain on the neck.
  • Side-impact collisions occur half as often as frontal collisions, however are equally dangerous. The lack of space at either side of the car cannot compete with the protective function of a crumple zone, making side-impact collisions considerably more dangerous than head-on road accidents. A high-quality car seat should therefore be equipped with suitable protection that helps prevent injuries to the child in case of a side-impact collision.

Easy Handling:

  • It will use a height based system with the aim to make it easier for an end consumer to the correct size car seat for their child.
  • It encourages the use of ISOFIX – with the aim to reduce the risk of incorrect installation.
  • Eventually, it is proposed that all i-Size certified vehicles will fit all i-Size car seats.