Touring Club Switzerland (TCS)

Switzerland‘s leading automobile club

The Touring Club Switzerland is the leading automobile association in Switzerland. The non-profit organization operates in the areas vehicles, tourism and consumer advice and is testing different products throughout the year – including car seats – and actively supports road safety campaigns. The areas relevant for the test are safety in case of a collision, handling and ergonomics, harmful substances and cleaning as well as workmanship. The TCS announces its recommendations by awarding stars. Five stars stand for “excellent”, four for “very recommendable”, three for “recommendable” – down to just one star.

CYBEX’s test results for infant carriers and car seats TCS, 2009 up to today

Date of testInfant carrier / car seatTest result
06/2014Infant carrier Aton QVERY RECOMMENDABLE
06/2014Infant carrier Aton Q with Base-fixVERY RECOMMENDABLE
11/2013Car seat Juno 2-fixEXCELLENT (Best grade)
05/2013Rear-facing car seat SironaVERY RECOMMENDABLE
05/2012Infant carrier Aton 2 with Base-fixVERY RECOMMENDABLE
05/2012Infant carrier Aton 2VERY RECOMMENDABLE
05/2012Car seat Juno-fixVERY RECOMMENDABLE
05/2012Car seat Pallas 2VERY RECOMMENDABLE
05/2012Car seat Solution X2VERY RECOMMENDABLE
10/2011Infant carrier Aton w/o BaseVERY RECOMMENDABLE
10/2011Infant carrier Aton with BaseVERY RECOMMENDABLE
10/2011Infant carrier Pallas 2-fixVERY RECOMMENDABLE
10/2011Car seat Solution X2-fixVERY RECOMMENDABLE
10/2011Car seat Pallas-fixVERY RECOMMENDABLE
10/2011Car seat Solution X-fixVERY RECOMMENDABLE
11/2010Car seat Free-fixVERY RECOMMENDABLE
11/2010Car seat PallasVERY RECOMMENDABLE
11/2009Car seat Solution X-fixVERY RECOMMENDABLE
11/2009Infant carrier AtonVERY RECOMMENDABLE