Stiftung Warentest

German Consumer Testing Organisation

Stiftung Warentest is Germany's leading consumer testing organization and also considered to be test leader in Europe. Founded in 1962 the Stiftung Warentest does not accept any advertising and is partly public funded to guarantee their independence.

Based on a methodology developed in Germany, the Stiftung Warentest conducts more than 200 comparative product and service testings a year, covering nearly all areas of every-day life. To date, more than 85,000 products and 1,800 services have been analyzed in over 5,000 tests.

The overall results follow the German school grading system

  • 1.0-1.5: "sehr gut" (very good)
  • 1.6-2.5: "gut" (good)
  • 2.6-3.5: "befriedigend" (satisfactory)
  • 3.6-4.5: "ausreichend" (bare minimum)
  • 4.6-5.5: "mangelhaft" (poor)

The overall test is conducted based on the following criteria: Safety, handling, ergonomics and harmful substances. In this context, the Stiftung Warentest experts especially focus on hazardous substances. Accordingly, the acceptable critical values and categories are under constant review which is why tests of this kind make a significant contribution to enhancing the safety of car seats and infant carriers over time.

CYBEX’s test results for infant carriers and car seats by Stiftung Warentest, 2008 up to today.

Date of testInfant car seat/Car seatTest result
11/2016Infant car seat Aton Q i-Size + Base Q i-Size GOOD (1,7) Test Winner
11/2016Infant car seat Aton Q i-Size (belted)GOOD (1,7) Test Winner
11/2016Rear-facing car seat Sirona M2 i-SizeGOOD (2,2) Test Winner (among i-Size car seats)
06/2015Infant car seat Cloud Q (belted)GOOD (1,9) Test Winner (Gr. 0+)
06/2015Infant car seat Cloud Q + Base Q-fixGOOD
06/2015Car seat Pallas M-fixGOOD (2,1) Test Winner (Gr. 1/2/3)
06/2015Car seat Pallas MGOOD
06/2015Car seat Solution M-fixGOOD (1,8) Test Winner (Gr. 2/3)
06/2015Car seat Solution MGOOD (1,9) Test Winner (Gr. 2/3)
06/2014Infant carrier Aton QGOOD (1,6)
06/2014Infant carrier Aton Q with Base-fixGOOD (1,6)
11/2013Car seat Juno 2-fixVERY GOOD (1,4) Test Winner
(Gr. 1)
06/2013Rear-facing car seat SironaGOOD (2,0)
06/2012Infant carrier Aton 2 with Base-fixGOOD (1,6) Test Winner
(Gr. 0+ w/ Isofix Base)
06/2012Infant carrier Aton 2GOOD (1,8) Test Winner
(Gr. 0+ Belted seat)
06/2012Car seat Juno-fixGOOD (1,6) Test Winner
(Gr. 1)
06/2012Car sear Pallas 2GOOD (2,2)
06/2012Car seat Solution X2GOOD (1,9)
11/2011Car seat Pallas-fixGOOD (2,1)
11/2011Car seat Solution X-fixGOOD (1,9)
06/2011Infant carrier Aton with BaseGOOD (1,8)
06/2011Infant carrier Aton – w/o BaseGOOD (1,9)
06/2011Car seat Pallas 2-fixGOOD (1,9)
06/2011Car seat Solution X2-fixGOOD (1,7)
06/2010Car seat PallasGOOD (2,2)
06/2010Car seat Free-fixGOOD (2,3)
06/2009Infant carrier AtonGOOD (1,8) Test Winner
(Gr. 0+ w/o Base)
06/2009Car seat Solution X-fixGOOD (1,8) Test Winner
(Gr. 2/3)
06/2008Car seat Solution XGOOD (1,9)