CYBEX Patent: Reclining Headrest

Preventing the child from falling forward when asleep

The CYBEX Group 1/2/3 car seats and the Group 2/3 seats for older children are designed with a patented reclining headrest.

Side-impact collisions are particularly dangerous for children. Accident data shows that side-impact collisions occur half as frequently as head-on collisions yet cause far more serious injuries.*

The lack of space at either side of the car cannot compete with the protective function of a crumple zone, making side-impact collisions considerably more dangerous than head-on road accidents. A high-quality car seat should therefore be equipped with suitable protection that helps prevent injuries to the child in a side-impact collision.

Side protectors are an effective safety measure. In contrast to booster seats with no back rests, these protectors prevent the child from coming in direct contact with the vehicle wall in case of a side-impact collision.

Another critical challenge involves providing sufficient protection while the child is asleep. When young children fall asleep in the car, their heads often slump forwards. Not only is this position uncomfortable but it can also be extremely dangerous as the head is no longer in the seat’s safety zone and is not protected when the vehicle’s side is hit.

The headrest can be adjusted so that the head’s centre of gravity is shifted further back, preventing it from falling forward when asleep. The head remains in the protective zone of the car seat and the sensitive head and neck area is still protected. This patented head protection therefore enhances both safety and comfort for the child.

By developing this patented safety technology, CYBEX has succeeded in eliminating a frequent risk caused by incorrect usage, making car travel for children a little bit safer as well as more comfortable.

*) according to the Federal Highway Research Institute, BAST Issue F67, 2007