CYBEX Impact Shield

Maximum protection without confinement

Driven by the CYBEX safety philosophy and safety concept, all forward-facing CYBEX car seats in Group 1 are equipped with an adjustable impact shield by principle, offering maximum protection without confining the child.

In rear-facing position, the energy of a frontal collision is distributed evenly over the large area of the seat and the sensitive body areas of the child are perfectly protected. In forward-facing position, this protective function is provided by the patented impact shield. The forces of a collision are distributed over the impact shield and absorbed by its impact absorbing materials. This system resembles an inflated airbag and helps to significantly reduce the forces in the case of an accident. In comparison with a regular 5-point harness system, our data supports that the cushion significantly reduces the impact energy arising in a frontal collision. The energy from the collision is distributed across the large area of the cushion and broken down by its energy-absorbing materials. The belt does not cut into the child and the vulnerable neck and shoulder area is protected. In reference to results of Group 1 Juno 2-fix safety car tests Stiftung Warentest certifies that the hazard of misusing the product is practically impossible (test 11/2013, page 80).