Child car seats and airbags

Always turn off the passenger airbag

Airbags were developed to make driving even safer. However, they are only suitable for children aged 15 and over.

If you place an infant carrier on the passenger seat without deactivating the airbag, the baby is exposed to extreme danger. This is why child safety seats and infant carriers should be installed on the rear seat, as an inadvertent error whilst attaching the seat or an unwittingly activated airbag are enough to expose your child to considerable risk. This is because the child can sustain serious injury to the head and neck if impacted by an airbag. (Craig Newgard from the University of Portland in Oregon, examined just how much greater this danger actually is: The risk of sustaining serious injury on the front passenger seat is almost three times higher than on the rear seat, whilst a triggered airbag increases the risk sixfold! In his eight-year research, Newgard analysed 3,790 accidents involving children aged between one month and 18 years of age, who were sitting on the passenger seat).