Buying a Second-hand Car Seat

Important tips & recommendations

Should you decide to buy a used child restraint system, you need to consider the following:

  • Be careful when buying a car seat from unknown origin, as it may have already been involved in an accident. Either have it checked by the
  • Car seats can age, so make sure you swap your model for the third child.
  • Models are often already considered outdated after just three to four years.

What dangers are inherent in using used or old child restraint systems?

Over time, hairline cracks can form in the seat shell as a result of accidents. The fissures are often too small to see with the naked eye, but if the seat is still in use they will gradually get bigger.

A seemingly harmless crack can suddenly trigger a complete material failure. This can occur spontaneously during a car crash due to the great forces to which the seat is exposed to on impact.

Alternatively, these tiny cracks may grow unnoticeably due to other factors, such as constant use or exposure to sunlight, which lead to the slow deterioration of the material over time. Therefore, only use second-hand seats that comply with at least test label ECE-R-44/03, are no older than four years, are of known origin (for example, from siblings, family or good friends) and have never been involved in an accident of any sort, even minor.

Always remember that a used seat must perform and fit the car and child as well as a new seat. Otherwise, it cannot offer sufficient protection!