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Europe’s Biggest Car Magazine

AutoBild is Europe's biggest car magazine. AutoBild is published in 33 countries. Since 1995 is the online edition of AutoBild. On a weekly basis, the magazine informs its readers about important news and trends concerning cars. Reports about test drives as well as comparisons are supposed to help the reader in the decision making process when buying a car or matching accessories like car seats. The most common car seats are tested by test families over a period of time in everyday situations and the results are published in their online publication.

CYBEX’s test results for car seats by Autobild and, 2007 up to today.

Date of testInfant carrier / Car seatTest result
09/2010Car seat PallasBest Grade EXEMPLARY
09/2010Car seat Solution X-fixBest Grade EXEMPLARY
33/2005Car seat SolutionBest Grade EXEMPLARY
12/2015Solution M-fixVERY GOOD
12/2015Pallas M-fixVERY GOOD
09/2014Car seat Solution Q2-fixVERY GOOD
09/2014Infant car seat Aton 4VERY GOOD
04/2014Infant carrier Aton QVERY GOOD
04/2014Car seat Solution Q-fixVERY GOOD
08/2013Car seat Juno 2-fixVERY GOOD
02/2013Infant carrier Aton 3VERY GOOD
10/2012Rear-facing car seat SironaVERY GOOD
05/2012Infant carrier Aton 2VERY GOOD
05/2012Car seat Juno-fixVERY GOOD
09/2011Car seat Solution X2VERY GOOD
09/2011Car seat Pallas 2VERY GOOD
05/2011Car seat Solution X2-fixVERY GOOD
05/2011Car seat Pallas 2-fixVERY GOOD
11/2010Car seat Aura-fixVERY GOOD
08/2010Car seat Pallas-fixVERY GOOD
12/2009Car seat AuraGOOD
12/2009Car seat FreeGOOD
12/2009Car seat Free-fixVERY GOOD
09/2009Car seat PallasVERY GOOD
09/2008Car seat Solution X-fixVERY GOOD
09/2008Infant carrier AtonVERY GOOD
12/2007Car seat Solution XVERY GOOD