Austria’s Automobil-, Motorbike- and Touring Club

The “Österreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring Club”, i.e. Austrian Automobile, Motorbike and Touring Club, a sister organization of the German ADAC, the largest automobile club in Austria as well as the seventh largest in the world. Like the ADAC, the ÖAMTC conducts test of car seats once or twice a year in terms of safety, handling & ergonomics as well as cleaning & workmanship and additionally conducts a testing for harmful substances. The rating also follows the German school grading system: "very good", "good", "satisfactory", "bare minimum" and "poor".

CYBEX’s test results for infant carriers and car seats by ÖAMTC, 2008 up to today

Date of testInfant carrier / car seatTest result
06/2014Infant carrier Aton QGOOD
06/2014Infant carrier Aton Q with Base-fixGOOD
11/2013Car seat Juno 2-fixVERY GOOD
06/2013Rear-facing car seat SironaGOOD
06/2012Infant carrier Aton 2 & Aton Base-fixGOOD
06/2012Infant carrier Aton 2GOOD
06/2012Car seat Juno-fixGOOD
06/2012Car seat Pallas 2GOOD
06/2012Car seat Solution X2GOOD
11/2011Car seat Solution X-fixGOOD
11/2011Car seat Pallas-fixGOOD
06/2011Car seat Solution X2-fixGOOD
06/2011Car seat Pallas 2-fixGOOD
06/2011Infant carrier Aton mit BaseGOOD
06/2011Infant carrier Aton ohne BaseGOOD
06/2010Infant carrier Free-fixGOOD
06/2009Car seat Solution X-fixGOOD