Group 1/2/3 - 9-36 kg (approx. 9 month - 12 years)

Test winner Gr. 1/2/3:
Child car seat Pallas M-fix

The Pallas M-Fix 2-in-1 child car seat with adjustable impact shield scored the grade 2.1 in the test 06/2015 from German independent consumer testing organization Stiftung Warentest, making it the best car seat in it's group. The CYBEX Pallas M (without ISOFIX Connect) also scored a "GOOD" in the child car seat test.

  • One-hand adjustable impact shield
  • 2-in-1 seat: can be used for up to 11 years
  • Individually adjustable Side-impact Protection
  • Comfortable one-hand recline function
  • ISOFIX Connect

Pallas M-fix

Pallas M

Comment Stiftung Warentest, Test 06/2015 (Pallas M-fix)

"The belt routing is good, the child can be easily secured, the seat can be installed very easily and quickly."

Pallas M(-fix) is available in all colours of the collection 2016

Phantom Grey
Princess Pink
Olive Khaki
Autumn Gold
Mars Red
Manhattan Grey
Royal Blue
Happy Black

Pallas M(-fix) - the benefits of the child car seat

Child car seat test: Pallas M-fix

2-IN-1 SEAT: The Pallas M-fix grows with the child and thus can be used for up to 11 years. In Group 1, the adjustable impact shield, which works like an inflated airbag during a collision, protects against neck injuries without being restrictive. For children from approx. 3 years and above, the seat can be easily converted into a Solution M-fix. It can also be used in cars without ISOFIX.

12-position height-adjustable headrest
Adjustable impact shield
Air-circulation system
Comfortable, one-hand recline function
Patented reclining headrest
Individually adjustable Linear side-Impact protection
Energy absorbing shell
ISOFIX connect (Pallas M-fix)

Safety without confinement: Pallas M

The new generation of the award-winning Pallas series offers optimised safety and comfort with a lifespan of up to 11 years. In Group 1, the Pallas M features an adjustable impact shield. In the case of a frontal collision, the force of impact is distributed across the entire surface of the shield, similar to an inflated airbag. For Group 2/3, the seat can be easily converted into a Solution M.

Technical Data

Pallas M-Fix

L 430 mm / W 540 mm / H 700 mm - 9.3kg

Pallas M

L 430 mm / W 540 mm / H 700 mm - 8.3kg

Our Safety Principles

The D.S.F. innovation principle is the core philosophy behind all CYBEX products. It stands for our drive to meet the highest safety standards, whilst implementing a clear and unique design combined with intelligent functionality. The international team of CYBEX child safety experts draw on decades of experience to ensure continuous safety advances are made. Various patents have been developed specifically in the core areas of child safety. Plus: CYBEX products pass hundreds of crash tests every year. And every new crash test leads to immediate improvements and further developments of our products.

Test Results

Our car seats are tested by independent institutes on a regular basis. We are proud to announce that our child car seats continuously receive top results in the most important European safety and consumer tests such as the German ADAC and Stiftung Warentest. We treat child safety with the utmost care and attention. The team at CYBEX works extensively to ensure that all our products offer the highest levels of safety and provide the outstanding quality which you expect for your child.